21 September, 2021

Sidney Hook, Henry Kissinger and Klaus Schwab

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Interesting. Follow the globalist/NWO noses: Hook and Kissinger are both Jews. But, although I have heard that Schwab is also a Jew, I have seen no good evidence of it, just random claims. Readers? Do you have a good link for that?


“It was during this period that Burnham met Sidney Hook, who was also a professor in philosophy at the New York University, and who professed to have converted Burnham to Marxism in his autobiography.”


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  7. One Response to “Sidney Hook, Henry Kissinger and Klaus Schwab”

    1. Pierre Says:

      Brother NATHANAEL, Great Reset In Jewish Time, brothernathanael- channel.com
      He says Schwab is a Jew.

      Schwab’s mother is not a Rothschild as the rumour goes.

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