10 September, 2021

They Just Removed All Doubt. War Is Being Waged Against White Americans

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Well, the documents of America’s founding fathers (Jefferson, Washington, Franklin) have now been slapped with left-wing “warning labels.” Really! It’s true:

“The National Archives Records Administration placed a “harmful content” warning on the Constitution, labeling the governing document of the United States as “harmful or difficult to view.” The warning applies to all documents across the Archives’ cataloged website, including the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence.”

We should actually thank them for putting “warning labels” on America’s founding documents. Why? Because by them doing so, even the dumbest American will finally realize that there is a WAR BEING WAGED AGAINST WHITE AMERICA. It’s actually happening. They’re attacking America’s White founders simply because they were White! (Isn’t that called racism?).


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