28 October, 2021

The Problem With Capitalism and How to Fix It

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Capitalism is logical. And it works usually. But it has problems.

The main problem with capitalism is that it’s egalitarian by default, i.e., too often it benefits The Other. Jews, Blacks, Browns, queers and midgets can (and have) become millionaires and billionaires under capitalism. It can give non-Whites and freaks “a leg up” and they’ll use that leg-up to wreck White Western culture. Look at Hollywood. Look at Big Media. Look at “woke” corporations in Commiefornia and Assachusetts. Look at retailers who sell “gay” merchandise online. That’s all capitalism (“crapitalism” I call it — because it smells).

Let’s pioneer a new form of capitalism: “White Capitalism,” i.e., only Whites are allowed to engage in it. And no foreign activity allowed (i.e., within the U.S. only, or within Canada only, etc. And none of that “markets” crap either [“my family lives and dies by the market” I once heard some asshole say]. We play it straight. “Markets” chicanery leads to undue influence and fast-talking creeps in cheap suits trying to get you to “take your stock public” so that their investment-banker buddies can “help you” gain “capital” and “liquidity” to “grow” and “merge” and blah, blah, blah….by-the-by, I’ve always wondered how you can be arrested for gambling in the back room of a laundromat [I saw it happen once], but if you gamble at the New York Stock Exchange in the Big Bagel, it’s perfectly fine and hip and uptown…this is what happens when your country is Jewed…).

“Many people are confused about how the West can be so rich and much of the rest of the world so poor. On World Food Day, Pope Francis blamed markets and capitalism.”


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