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28 October, 2021

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Capitalism is logical. And it works usually. But it has problems. The main problem with capitalism is that it’s egalitarian by default, i.e., too often it benefits The Other. Jews, Blacks, Browns, queers and midgets can (and have) become millionaires and billionaires under capitalism. It can give non-Whites and freaks “a leg up” and they’ll […]

23 October, 2021

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Robin: “Holy Hebrews, Batman! Almost every war in history has been caused by oily Jewish bankers!” Batman: “Exactly, Robin. And we could deal with those pesky Jewish bankers, except for one small problem. Certain people won’t let us deal with them.” Robin: “Who, Batman, who?? The Hare Krishnas? Chinese midgets? The Black Lesbian Guerilla Army?? […]

4 March, 2021

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“Fractional reserve banking”: what a farce! It should be illegal in the West. If you tried “fractional reserve buying” you’d be arrested. If you paid $100 for a $1,000 item, and then tried to walk out of the store with the item, you’d be jailed! Try paying only 10% of your electric bill and see […]