4 March, 2021

Black Teacher Fired For Truthing about the Jews and Banking

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“Fractional reserve banking”: what a farce! It should be illegal in the West. If you tried “fractional reserve buying” you’d be arrested. If you paid $100 for a $1,000 item, and then tried to walk out of the store with the item, you’d be jailed! Try paying only 10% of your electric bill and see how that works out for you! You’d have to jerk off to porn in the dark — how?

“Fractional reserve banking” causes inflation by making more money available throughout society than actually exists. More of “X” being available (anything, whether dollars or pencils or beans) means it’s worth less by default. The scarcer something is, the more it’s worth. The commoner something is, the less it’s worth. But since all of the central banks in the West are either Jewish controlled or were founded by Jews (who wrote the banking policies), “fractional reserve banking” is the law of the land. Imagine: Joe Smith deposits 100 dollars into his bank account, and then the bank turns around and loans out 1,000 dollars from Joe’s deposit! So, in other words, 900 dollars of that money was created out of thin air by the bank, based on nothing! You see, under Federal Reserve banking rules, the bank only has to keep 10% of the actual, real money in the bank’s vault [1]. The rest can be loaned out. It’s a type of gambling. That’s “Jewish banking”: 100 dollars real money turns into 1,000 dollars in loans to bank customers immediately. It’s similar to “Jewish morality” and “Jewish ethics.” Do the Jews ever do anything in an honest way? Nope. Must they always play fast-and-loose? Yep.



[1] Trivia: the Federal Reserve is a private bank. The Jewish banker Paul M. Warburg invented and created the Federal Reserve system in 1913, and it has stockholders, who are mandated to never sell their stock. It is not a part of the U.S. government. The only connection it has to the U.S. government is that its chairman is appointed by the president (from a list of names that the Board gives him!). Then why does the Federal Reserve have a “.gov” URL, you ask? Probably to fool the public. Why don’t you ask the Fed why? No doubt the Fed would say, “we have many connections to the government” when in fact they don’t; they don’t even print our money, the Treasury prints it and gives it to the Fed to distribute — which raises a question: why is our money being handled twice? Why doesn’t the Treasury do everything: printing, distributing, etc.? In real life, a treasurer is in charge of money for an entity, group, etc. When is America going to return to an honest money system run by honest gentiles?

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