18 November, 2021

Archbishop Says: Fight Globalist Power

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A good message, at least.

Localism: “Enough local Chiefs and enough local Indians.”
Globalism: “Too many Chiefs in far-away lands making all the decisions; international power reigns supreme” (look at the EU, or Covid-19 mandates pushed by WHO. Importantly, Jews have led the “international order” since circa 1900 or even earlier. Look at the “Jewed” Versailles Treaty of 1919, and look at the UN; 60% of the founders of the UN were Jews, even though, in 1945, Jews made up only 2% [yes, two percent] of the population — in other words, Jews were overrepresented at the UN founding by a truly mind-boggling percentage [30 times above normal]. There’s a reason why Henry Ford titled his landmark book “The International Jew”; yes, Jews, long at home in any country, anywhere, have pushed for a “New World Order” for decades; this pledge to the Jews by Greenwood, a Freemason and a Jew-lover, was exactly what the Jews had clamored for; Freemasonry is “Judaism for gentiles,” a “global brotherhood of man” pushing tikkun olam, with some hocus-pocus added to keep it interesting).

“Archbishop Carlo Maria ViganĂ² appealed to Catholics, Christians, and people of Faith to unite against the dark forces of globalism. ViganĂ² sent The Gateway Pundit his video and Appeal for an Anti-Globalist Alliance.”


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