8 November, 2021

On Blacks, Funky Music and Rhythm

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The story I heard about the creation of the famous, 1976, White-male song “Play That Funky Music” is this: some Blacks complained that a White rock band didn’t play funky music. The Blacks said, “why don’t you White guys just play funky music?” and that line was used to create the song. Apparently, the band was originally urged to remove the phrase “White boy” from the song.

Anyway, Blacks have a natural, inborn rhythm. It comes from their primitive brains. As one guy said: “if a negro fell from Heaven to earth, he’d beat time on the way down.” Another guy said: “if you beat time on your mailbox, 6 negroes will show up and start dancing to the rhythm.”

Rap music is loved by Blacks because it’s the closest thing to jungle drums that can be readily found in the West (e.g., on the radio). It has a steady, pulsing, repetitive beat. Primal. Sexual, even. “Muh dick!”

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