16 November, 2021

They Always Rename It First, or, You Knew It Would Happen

Posted by Socrates in leftism, leftism and renaming, leftist/liberal hate, leftists, LGBTQ propaganda, liberal mindset, liberalism, liberals, Normalphobia, pedophilia, universities, War On Normal at 2:57 pm | Permanent Link

Newbies, this action is so classic, and so predictable.

The first thing leftists and Jews do, when they want to normalize something abnormal, is: they rename it. In this case, they took “pedophilia” and renamed it “minor attraction”/Minor Attracted People” because it sounds so much better than the previous word.

“Her recent book — released in June — aims to embark on the cultural mission of “destigmatizing” pedophilia — although she refers to it as “minor attraction”…but if the last few decades have taught us anything, it is that vile ideas do not stay in the universities — they spread to the culture.” (there’s those damn universities again! Let’s rename them: “commieversities” or even better: “Jewniversities”).


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