7 December, 2021

The Fraud of Transgenderism

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The official line in the “LGBTQ community” is that human gender is mental and it can be changed. In other words, gender is merely a “social construct,” so if you believe that you’re “a woman who has been trapped in a man’s body since birth,” then you are, and you can fix that situation by “becoming” a woman. And if you believe that there are 64, or 147, or 352 different genders, then there are [1]. But wait! If that’s true, then how can a person be “trapped in the wrong body since birth?” A man’s body is, of course, physical, not mental (it has a penis, testicles, strong muscles, etc.). It’s not merely a social construct. Furthermore, the “LGBTQ community” frequently uses “gender” and “sex” interchangeably while insisting that they aren’t the same thing; for example, they call “sex-change” surgery “Gender Reassignment Surgery.” This is of course confusing — on purpose. Leftism makes no sense — on purpose. Indeed, the less sense it makes, the more “wiggle room” the leftists have to weave any crazy narrative they choose, to fit any occasion.

The “LGBTQ community” is trying to pull a fast one on the public, as usual.

Lastly, who brought “transsexualism” (as it was called in 1923) and “social constructionism” to the world? Jews, of course (i.e., ethnic/racial Jews, not simply religious Jews). Magnus Hirschfeld gave us the former and a handful of Jews (such as Edmund Husserl, Max Scheler, Alfred Schutz and Peter L. Berger [who was a convert from Judaism to Christianity]) gave us the latter [2].

And to add to the Jewishness of it all: the “LGBTQ community leaders” are mostly Jewish as well. (If you’re starting to get the idea that leftism is a Jewish construct, you’re right, it is! Modern leftism, at least, from circa 1850 onward, i.e., post-Enlightenment).



[1] the word “gender” used to refer to words only (i.e., grammar). Words such as “his” and “her” and “him”; but the queer lobby hijacked “gender” and now the meaning of it is totally perverted.

[2] “social constructionism” (SC) is the key part of postmodernist philosophy. It says that nearly everything in society was artificially created by evil White men (i.e., those things are not natural or organic). For example, SC says that boys don’t naturally like to play war games and girls don’t naturally like to play with dolls, that they were merely conditioned into those behaviors by the evil, White male patriarchy. Postmodernist philosophy is merely updated Marxism, but it’s more dangerous; it’s for crackpots and child molesters like Foucault. It’s insanity posing as normal.

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