6 December, 2021

Thoughts on Socialism: Is Christianity a Form of Socialism?

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Someone asked on the TV: Is Christianity a form of socialism? It’s not “socialism as we know it today” [1]. Perhaps parts of it are socialistic (e.g., “international egalitarianism”). But Christianity is spiritual. Socialism isn’t.

What about Robespierre, circa 1792? Was he the first socialist dictator? Probably, but he was local (in France). Socialism is a global (and mostly Jewish) movement. For example, take Eduard Bernstein or Moses Hess (two godfathers of socialism, and both were Jews): they were international in their efforts, not just local, e.g., Bernstein lived in Germany, Switzerland, England, and then Germany again. Hess lived in Germany, France, Belgium and Switzerland. This is common with Jewish extremists: they really move around.


[1] “socialism” in this post means “left-wing socialism” (aka, pre-communism/part 1 of communism)

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