24 January, 2022

Liberals: What Can They Do?

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A few days ago, Joe Biden gave the worst press conference in American history. It was a clown show: [Here].

An educated guess: by April, Biden won’t be able to verbally finish a (coherent) sentence due to dementia. What, pray tell, will the “Biden Administration” do then? Put Kamala Harris into the Oval Office? Bad idea: absolutely nobody in D.C. wants that. Even retards don’t want that: when polled, they all stuttered, “n-n-n-noooooo!”

Bottom line: the leftists are totally stuck between a rock and a very hard place. To paraphrase a Clint Eastwood movie: “they can’t go up, they can’t go down, they can’t go sideways, they’re just stuck.” (Yes, the leftists could try to pull some very questionable political trick, like putting Harris on the Supreme Court and then recruiting Hillary, or similar nonsense, but that wouldn’t work for several reasons; Hillary couldn’t simply be “installed” into office).

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