29 January, 2022

Never Forgive or Forget the Enablers of the Destructive Covid Panic

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That Covid panic was entirely a media production. Without the Jewish media bosses pushing the hysteria 24/7, the panic would have been but a popcorn fart in the wind. And of course, the panic was all about Donald Trump and his 100 million populist followers, as this fellow notes below. Jews fear populism led by a charismatic man like vampires fear crosses. “Oy vehhh! Another Hitler!” (Nazism was populism. It drew support from both the Right and the Left. Had Huey Long not been assassinated by a Jew in 1935 [1], WWII would not have happened because Long would have become president, not Roosevelt).

“The underlying motivation of the unhinged reaction to Covid-19 was the fanatical determination by the ruling elites to defeat at any cost, including historically unprecedented lockdowns and massive election fraud, Donald Trump, and his populist movement. A movement that represented an existential threat to their quest for political hegemony.”



[1] Long’s assassin, Carl Austin Weiss, came from a Jewish family which converted to Catholicism. Of course, the media always lies about this and calls Weiss just a “Catholic”

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