3 February, 2022

America, Land of the Free, Saved Communism. What Nice People!

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How ironic can you get: America, the land of the free, saved the Soviet Union (the communist mothership) in November 1933 with two things that the Soviets desperately needed: political “legitimacy” and money. President F.D. Roosevelt supplied both at once. He “recognized” the Soviet Union as legitimate, which opened up the Soviets to international credit, loans, etc. The mass-murderers became “legit”! Roosevelt was a miserable bastard (and that’s exactly why he’s on a U.S. coin [the dime] today).

“We now live under the yoke of censorship where anything at odds with the Marxists’ worldview is summarily condemned as “disinformation” or “misinformation” and yanked from the public sphere, while the Ministry of Truth corporate news pumps out actual disinformation and misinformation all day long. Where the corporate propagandists fail to convert the masses, Hollywood steps in to finish the job, and it has never been happier to play its part. There’s a reason La-La Land gets along so well with the genocidal maniacs of Communist China: They share a common communist cause.”


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