27 February, 2022

Black Lives Matter?

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If Black lives really mattered, it would be self-evident: you wouldn’t have to say it aloud. Just like you wouldn’t have to say “Asian lives matter” or “White lives matter.” There would be no need to say it. Don’t all human lives matter? That’s what I’ve heard, anyway.

Another thing: if Black lives matter, why do Blacks act like they don’t matter? Blacks are notorious for not giving a flying crap about other Blacks (e.g., the endless shootings in Chicago every summer) unless a White cop kills a Black guy and then suddenly it’s a terrible tragedy that requires two weeks of rioting/looting (actually, I suspect that’s the real reason for the rioting: the looting, and also the thrill of destroying Whitey’s stuff).

One more thing: if Black lives matter, explain Africa. (Don’t worry, I can’t explain Africa, either. It’s like…Hell, but with monkeys…and sand…).

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