21 February, 2022

Is a Secret Army Brewing?

Posted by Socrates in Chile, conspiracy theorists, military, military coups, southern border of U.S., Trump Derangement Syndrome, Trump-as-a-fascist, Trumpphobia at 3:09 pm | Permanent Link

Robin: “Holy Conspiracies, Batman! Most of the Brown people flooding into America on the southern border are young men of military age and slim build!”

Batman: “Exactly, Robin! I would really like to know…just what the heck is going on…”

(But I can take a guess about what’s going on: (((they))) are building a secret, off-grid army just in case the 2020 election theft is reversed and Donald Trump is re-installed into the White House by court order; (((they))) feel that they can’t count on the U.S. military to unseat Trump a second time because most of those military men are pro-Trump, hence the need for a private, off-grid army of unknown people. Indeed, the communist leader Salvador Allende did the same thing in Chile circa 1973: he built a secret army which had access to thousands of hidden guns. His secret army was armed and trained by Cuban and Soviet soldiers. Luckily, he never was able to use that army because he was toppled by Pinochet in Sept. 1973).

“…remember that the Southern border of the United States is wide open and many observers have reported a massive influx of young adults of military age traveling alone. With an open border in North America, a mercenary army can flow not just into Canada, if permitted by border guards directed by a would-be dictator; they can also flow into strategic points in the United States.” [Here].

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