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21 February, 2022

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Robin: “Holy Conspiracies, Batman! Most of the Brown people flooding into America on the southern border are young men of military age and slim build!” Batman: “Exactly, Robin! I would really like to know…just what the heck is going on…” (But I can take a guess about what’s going on: (((they))) are building a secret, […]

20 October, 2021

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Pope Karl Marx is making social recommendations again. I thought Pope Marx was about religion? That’s not religion. What’s “hate speech” anyway? Hate is an emotion, so it must mean “emotion speech”?? Does that mean “talk like a robot when you speak”?? In monotone?? Pope Marx is a strange and dangerous man. “…I ask the […]

4 October, 2021

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What great timing for such an article! Right in the middle of the Cohen-19 scamdemic, the biggest lie ever foisted upon the West. So, apparently, if you don’t buy the “official government tale” of event x, y, or z, then your brain doesn’t work correctly. Actually, the opposite is true. The “official government narrative” is […]