14 February, 2022

Man Was Meant to Eat Meat

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Go to a mirror. Open your mouth. See those front teeth? Those are incisors. Cutting teeth. There are 8 of them, 4 on top and 4 on bottom; their name originates from the Latin word “incidere” which means “to cut.” Why do you have cutting teeth? To cut meat! Mankind was meant to eat beef, despite your lefty schoolteachers telling you different.

We Americans were told, beginning circa 1980, that “if you eat red meat, bacon and butter, you’ll have high cholesterol levels and you’ll be dead from a heart attack by age 40.” Lies. All lies. Living in America means being lied to by Jewish “health experts” and big corporations who profit from the sales of certain plant-based foods, like margarine (have you ever read the ingredients list on a tub of margarine? Holy cow! (pun intended). There are 93 different chemicals in margarine! Maybe more. Monosodiumdisulfidebenzinehydroxide and many other scary things. Why would you want to eat that junk?


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