2 February, 2022

More on Cancel Culture

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The leftist/Jewish philosophy is simple: if you don’t agree with someone, just label them as “haters” and as “dangerous people” and just “cancel” them! (But one must wonder: what happens to the haters known as Marxists? Are they also “canceled”? Because Marxists are the biggest haters on earth. You can’t murder 90 million people without being a hater, e.g., Lenin, Stalin and Mao. Marxism is a creed of hate that was developed by an ethnic Jew to destroy England, but it never happened: sadly for Marx, his poisonous creed took hold in the east, not in the west, sacking Russia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, China, Vietnam, etc. But I’m being funny, of course: Marxists are never canceled. Only the right-wing is canceled).

“Michelle Malkin: Why Airbnb Banned Me (And My Hubby, Too!)” (note: Malkin apparently has a Jewish husband).


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