7 February, 2022


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White men are “genetically programmed” to explore. Since the days of Christopher Columbus and Ponce de Leon (“I know that fountain of youth is around here somewhere!”).

White men must seek out whatever is “out there.” It’s in their DNA. By the way, we Whites are the only race that does that: we built huge ships and sailed around the world looking for whatever we could find. Most early explorers were Italian or Spanish [1].

Then came the negro president Barack Obama, who crippled NASA by cutting its funding; an extra $3 billion a year for NASA to put a man on Mars was way too much money! Yet, America could give tens-of-billions of dollars to Israel and other countries. Why did we expect a negro to appreciate space exploration?

White men were born to explore. Let them do that.


[1] e.g., Marco Polo, Christopher Columbus, Amerigo Vespucci (America is named after him), Ferdinand Magellan, and Hernan Cortes (he founded Mexico)

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