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15 May, 2017

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Some people think funding NASA is a waste of money. But I say “baloney” to that idea. White Man was born to explore and holding him back is just plain wrong. (Black Man was born to do nothing). (By the way, NASA would have a lot more money if millions of Blacks [and Mexicans] weren’t […]

29 May, 2015

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If that title sounds strangely like communism, it should. I’m sure that Karl Marx would approve of the new one-world space flag, which is basically an update of the 1946 UN flag – it has the same colors, too (blue and white). [Article].

30 January, 2015

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A Black man looking up at a planet in outer space: “Duh.” A Mexican man looking up at a planet in outer space: “¿Qué?” A White man looking up at a planet in outer space: “Let’s build a rocket ship and go there!” [Video].

30 May, 2014

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Of course a lot of people (i.e., Jews, Blacks, women) want to defund and mothball NASA. They call NASA archaic and useless. Of course they do. The exploration of outer space, which was one of the most important feats in human history, was a White, male thing. Naturally, the non-Whites and women want to downplay […]