7 March, 2022

Classic Rock Music

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Interesting. They called Don Felder (who is not a Jew) “Fingers” because he was a great guitarist. He wrote “Hotel California” as an instrumental, but then the other Eagles added vocals later on.

[Video, 9 minutes].

The original version of “Hotel California”: [Video, 7 minutes].

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    1. Luke Says:

      I have an ever increasing level of contempt for anyone in the supposed pro-White movement to still be slavishly touting and singing the praises of ‘Rock Music’.

      Is it even remotely possible, and hugely embarrassing if it is, that these drum bangers for ‘Rock Music’ cannot grasp the very real truth that this genre of music was (and still is) a key component in the jewish enemies war on White Americans? It encourages and heavily promotes the use of dangerous and addictive illegal drugs, and to be ‘clever’ it started out by influencing millions of stupid and gullible White youths to get addicted to smoking pot and once the jews got the White idiot youth hooked on smoking weed, then came the second campaign to get them to start snorting cocaine and now, it seems as if an even deadlier drug – fentanyl is being spread across America and killing who knows how many young White Americans.

      Nobody with half of a freaking brain in their heads that hasn’t already been seriously damaged by prior drug addictions that the jews have promoted can DENY with a clear conscience that Rock Music has not played a HUGE role in brainwashing White kids to get sucked into the destructive and racially suicidal drug culture.