23 March, 2022

Massive Land Grabbing via Wall Street Coming? Probably

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Land has been a “commodity” for some time: in fact, people have bought and sold land since America was founded.

But this “new asset class” on Wall Street takes land into a new era. Do we want foreign billionaires using Wall Street to engage in endless land speculation that will drive the price of land sky high — far beyond what a normal person can afford? Like, a million dollars per acre? [1][2]. Do we want to allow our rivers and streams to be Wall Streeted? You know: a Jewish stockbroker in New York City playing fast-and-loose with other peoples’ money, with a phone glued to each ear, shouting on the market floor, thus sending land prices soaring? Just like all types of speculation, Jews will dominate this new land speculation, as Henry Ford said (he said Jews naturally engage in speculation because it’s in their blood).

Significantly, Hitler’s Nazi Party shunned land speculation, saying in Feb. 1920 that it desired the “prohibition of all speculation in land” (from plank 17 of a 25-plank Nazi political platform).



[1] Re: financial speculation (i.e., high-risk investments where you could easily lose your shirt. Speculation can be summed up as: “you’re waiting to harvest a crop that hasn’t even been planted yet”): if traders (investors) engage in “herd behavior” they can quickly push the price of anything sky-high. This is artificial demand, not normal/natural demand. It’s abnormal. Speculation can also create “bubbles” that will later burst (this happened in 2008, i.e., the subprime loan crisis, which was caused by pure greed over the housing market. (Congress later used taxpayer dollars to bail out Wall Street over the subprime loan crisis: News quote, Oct. 2008: “The U.S. House of Representatives set aside doubts that prevailed a few days ago and passed a landmark $700 billion Wall Street bailout bill on Friday that President George W. Bush promptly signed into law”).

[2] In the old days, financial speculation was frowned upon. You might win, or you might lose big money. Furthermore, and more generally, in the old days, if you wanted to buy something (like a shotgun), you saved up the money and then you bought it. The exceptions to that were cars and homes, which were usually financed with monthly payments. Today, people use credit cards to buy everything. Nobody saves their money anymore. As someone noted, without borrowing and loans and debt, a modern economy would stop working. A modern economy actually requires loans and debt to function! Imagine that! Almost like someone…planned it that way! Wonder who? Was it you, Goldberg? You, Weinberg? Cohen? All of you??

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