25 March, 2022

Strange Definitions of Leftism

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Seen on the web: the claim “Nazism is leftist” [1]. I’ve seen this so many times, despite the fact that Nazism opposed Bolshevism and leftism.

Some people have odd definitions of what “leftism” is. One guy said that “if you’re an American and you oppose Israel, you’re a leftist.” Actually, the opposite is true: globalism is a leftist movement. It’s opposite — isolationism — is rightist and conservative.

One guy told me that “all collectivism is leftist” (this idea is Randian and Jewish); this means that the KKK is leftist (but I would never call the KKK a leftist movement, having met some of them). That would also mean that all churches, even the hard-core ones, are leftist. No way.

Very often, “leftism” is deliberately misused for political reasons.


[1] “Historically, most leftist religions, including Nazism, have required forcible compliance and ‘mandates’, the non-compliant being enslaved and killed, the compliant being just enslaved.” [Here].

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