9 April, 2022

Australia: Leftists Are Sick and Twisted

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In the 1930s, liberals in America knew that the Soviet Union had murdered millions of people. Yes, millions. But the liberals said nothing about the murders publicly. They were silent. Why? Because liberals have no morals. They were born without morals. Read about Soviet apologist Walter Duranty, for example: [Here].

Same thing today. They have no morals. Recall the 1960s hippie slogan: “if it feels good, do it!” So, the opposite must also be true: “if it doesn’t feel good, don’t do it!” I saw a liberal on TV not long ago saying “it just feels wrong” (I don’t remember what the topic was). But I’ve heard that many times from liberals: how something “feels” is the important part. Feelings. This highlights what I said a few days ago: leftism is female at its root.


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