25 April, 2022

Britain Again: Are the British Evil?

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(Above: the countries shown in white weren’t invaded by England).

(Disclaimer: 1) this post obviously doesn’t apply to all Brits; 2) I’m 90% Brit, by DNA, myself).


Not only have the British started more wars (historically) than any other country, but, the situation is much worse than that.

Consider: the British started both WWI and WWII within 25 years! Wow. (Granted, WWII was merely an extension of WWI).

The British also needlessly firebombed the German city of Dresden in 1945, knowing full well that only women, children and the elderly were there (since WWII was almost over). The firebombing roasted 200,000 innocent people and destroyed one of Europe’s most beautiful cities [1]. Many of the people in Dresden were refugees who were fleeing the Soviet terror. (Sadly, 500 American planes took part in the firebombing of Dresden. It is said that the Soviet government requested the Dresden attack).

Furthermore, Winston Churchill said as early as 1936 (3 years before WWII) that “we” (England and other allies) “must crush Germany” [2]. So, WWII wasn’t about Germany trying to re-possess German land from Poland, was it, Winnie? Nope. It wasn’t about Poland.

The British have fought wars in 90% of all UN-member countries (171 countries!). That’s staggering. War, thy name is “Britain.”

A case might be made that the “emotionally-reserved British” are a little too reserved and many of them are actually cruel thugs. Granted, Britain was Jewed long ago: British royalty began intermarrying with wealthy Jews.


[1] “I can assure you, gentlemen, that we tolerate no scruples.” — Arthur “Bomber” Harris, head of Britain’s Royal Air Force Bomber Command, on bombing German civilians. He was being honest: he had no scruples. He was Satan in human form. He intentionally bombed German civilians.

[2] “Germany is becoming too strong. We must crush her.” Churchill’s comment to American General Robert E. Wood, November 1936.

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