18 April, 2022

Endless Love? No, Endless Covid

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Kid: “Owwww! Mom, my arm is sore!”

Mother: “Stop complaining, Bobby! You’ve only had 12 jabs; 8 more and you’ll be all set until next month!”

(Bobby died later that day. Nobody knows why).

Just when you thought Covid-19 hysteria might be ending! It’s not! Getting a clue yet? Huh? I guess the new Biden plan is to “push Ukraine and Covid onto the public like there’s no tomorrow because America is circling the drain and people might notice that, and we must somehow win the mid-term elections, or else Dr. Evil (Trump) could re-take the Oval Office in 2024.” That seems to be the Biden plan.

“Second Global COVID Summit Announced; the Plan is to “vaccinate the world” (but why does the world need to be vaccinated?).


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