20 April, 2022

The Colossal Rape of the West by the Left from 2016 Onward: an Overview

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The Colossal Rape of the West (the CRW): this was a crime so huge in scope that it makes one dizzy to contemplate it. It was the biggest crime in modern history, involving hundreds, if not thousands, of people, as far away as China and Iran.

Let’s walk through it in steps (and mind you, this list isn’t nearly complete, it’s only partially complete. The “story” isn’t over yet).

1. Donald Trump sends the global Judeo-Left into hysterics in June 2015: he announces his presidential candidacy which includes saying “horrible” things about sweet, innocent, illegal Mexican aliens, and saying that he wants to pursue “America first” policies. OMG! Shades of the 1940s anti-Semite Charles Lindbergh!

2. Donald Trump wins the American federal election in Nov. 2016, sending the global Left into more hysteria.

3. The elite American Left launches an all-out effort to remove Trump from office. This includes federal government spying on Trump, fake impeachment efforts and especially “framing” Trump for “colluding with Russia.”

4. The Left tries to impeach Trump several times on ridiculous charges, but each time fails. These impeachment efforts are led by Jews, both in and outside of Congress.

5. Realizing that Trump cannot be impeached based upon leftist lies, the Left unleashes Covid-19 upon America and the West in Jan. 2020. Significantly, this virus-unleashing goes a long way in preventing “Trumpism” (i.e., right-wing populism) from spreading across the West and re-invigorating the Western world both politically and economically. A glorious, patriotic, 50-year “Western revival” was murdered in its crib. Yet, few people noticed. (Never forget: Jews don’t think locally. They think globally).

6. Using Covid-19 hysteria as a cover (“you must remain 10 feet away from all ballot counters”), the Nov. 2020 American federal election is stolen. Already, the Left has committed so many felonies that it will take decades to investigate and prosecute all of the crimes.

7. Joe Biden, who was not legitimately elected, signs dozens of bills into law and appoints many dozens of radical federal judges. Biden also destroys Trump’s great American economy and ends America’s energy (oil) independence.

(To be continued…)

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