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6 December, 2013

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TV news anchor: “Nelson Mandela has died in South Africa at the age of 95. Mandela, a Marxist radical who was imprisoned in 1964 for plotting to overthrow the government, skillfully transitioned from communist to “democrat” in order to improve his political fortunes and his image on the international stage. Mandela was, like Martin Luther […]

26 October, 2009

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Helping a White man escape from a Jew-created nightmare is “perverse.” Who knew? [Article].

21 September, 2008

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That paves the way for the ANC’s Jacob Zuma to assume power. Zuma’s an uneducated champion of the poor who has aligned himself with some radical ANC members, so White South Africans can probably look forward to lots of “wealth redistribution” in the future: [Article].