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16 November, 2009

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Alex Linder interviewed by Jim Giles on Radio Free Mississippi. Interview Date: 11/06/2009 Also listen to an archived broadcast with Alex on the Jim Giles show from 2008 Listen to archived Interview with Alex Linder from 2008

28 July, 2009

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“Think those guys on VNN are going to be talking about us?” Join me your host Bud White this Tuesday as we focus exclusively on the NJ Rabbi fraud stories. No stone will be left unturned. Tunes start at 6:30 est, show starts at 7:30 est. Tell anyone and everyone u know about the show, […]

6 July, 2009

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“On the road to nowhere” Join us  for another broadcast of “This week in organized Jewry.”  We’ll be covering all things jewish, unethical and illegal.    Tunes start at 7pm est, show time is 8pm est. [Archive is up. Sorry I fell asleep on the job last night. I was unable to start the recording process […]

3 July, 2009

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Isn’t it interesting how, in schools from California to Maine, the students must learn Spanish but never French or German? So much for “diversity” in languages: [Article].

1 June, 2009

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When Jews attack your ship, and you behave heroically during the attack, it will take about 4 decades for you to be honored for your heroism; any sooner and the Jews might be offended: [Article].

20 May, 2009

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Join Mark Faust and special guest “Terrible Tommy” Metzger on Thursday May 21st at 9:30 pm eastern Standard Time  for another episode of Vanguard Broadcasting’s Free Talk Live. Tom Metzger has been wise to the reality of race and the Jewish agenda since the mid 1960’s. He was the founder of the California Knights of […]

7 May, 2009

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Lots to talk about…swine flu, jews, niggers, spics, etc. I will be going over some of the finer points of my new favorite book: The “White Resistance Manual.” That’s right, more talk about guns, knives, weapons and other useful topics. Music starts at 8:30pm truth talk starts at 9:30.

14 April, 2009

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Federal Reserve Bank Chairman Ben Shalom Bernanke prays to Yahweh for salvation from VNN’s Free Talk Live radio show; fears of Jewish money-fraud exposure remain high. Comcast, the internet provider for the anti-Semitic, neo-Nazi, grand dragon of the United States Ku Klux Klan, hate-speech internet radio show host Mark Faust remains under scrutiny for its […]

11 April, 2009

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The Roundtable includes: Alex Linder, Agis and Craig Cobb

31 March, 2009

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Don’t think that a Hasidic kike should be in the sheriff’s dept? YOU HATE-CRIMINAL! Let’s talk about something….something ugly, something vile, something evil, something ruining the poor misunderstood non-white races…that something is…. HATE! Join me and guests as we spew antisemitism from deep within our hateful lungs! Eye For Knowledge will start at 7:30pm est, […]

24 March, 2009

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Grab a 40oz, cheese doodles, fried chicken and some watermelon. Das Right! It’s a special TNB broadcast brought to you by yours truly. The demonic tribe known as the Jews have loosed the simians upon us and those apes have been busy. We will be covering all the recent TNB that has been at a […]

17 March, 2009

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This Tuesday, St. Patrick’s Day, grab a cold beer and join us as we continue with our discussion on being prepared for the final collapse of the already shattered remains of White civilization here in North America. Topics will include: 1. Best ways to store your surplus of food and water. 2. A detailed description […]

15 March, 2009

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Eye for Knowledge Hour with Quest Premier broadcast playing now on VNN Radio 10:00pm EST (03-15-09 )

10 March, 2009

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Got Kikes? Yeah, so do we……Let’s talk about that problem…… Join vnn veteran Joe…. AKA deathtozog and I as we review some essential items that you will need to stay alive and well while the Jew breaks down civilization. As usual we will be covering news about the Jews and their never ending chutzpah.

3 March, 2009

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Go ahead, grab a cold one and sit back for the show This Tuesday Mark will be joined by the one and only Todd from the sunny (and Jew infested) state of Florida Topics we will cover are: 1. The current state of our Western World. 2. Steps we need to take to take back […]