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27 March, 2014

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Go [Here], or, click on the link here in post #9. Topics include: Ukraine, Health, Twitter, Louisville nigger riots…

26 November, 2012

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New show next Monday 12-3-12 will focus on right strategy for whites in North America. This show features discussion of Spain’s Catalonian election and potential secession, including guest appearance by a resident of the Balearic Islands (!); also heated late debate over role of christianity in relation to our cause(s).    

21 November, 2012

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Radio Debate: Hunter Wallace vs. Alex Linder. Pt.1 2012-11-21: Pt.2 2012-11-26: Pt.3 2012-12-03: [VNN Forum thread].

11 March, 2011

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Entertain your brain! This radio broadcast, featuring Alex Linder and others, is about 1 month old: [Website].

7 February, 2011

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The Roundtable includes: Alex Linder, Agis and Craig Cobb Hittin’ the Hogs: (Andrew Lee Nash) Hit with a Brick Grim Sleeper – L.A. Serial Killer Lonnie David Franklin Jr GOP can’t rein in Tea Partiers Loughner: Six dead, 13 injured. Tunisia, Egypt Riots Byron Jost

20 November, 2009

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Linder on MajorityRights Radio, 11/19/09: [Webpage]. More: [Here].

16 November, 2009

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Alex Linder interviewed by Jim Giles on Radio Free Mississippi. Interview Date: 11/06/2009 Also listen to an archived broadcast with Alex on the Jim Giles show from 2008 Listen to archived Interview with Alex Linder from 2008

28 July, 2009

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“Think those guys on VNN are going to be talking about us?” Join me your host Bud White this Tuesday as we focus exclusively on the NJ Rabbi fraud stories. No stone will be left unturned. Tunes start at 6:30 est, show starts at 7:30 est. Tell anyone and everyone u know about the show, […]

6 July, 2009

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“On the road to nowhere” Join us  for another broadcast of “This week in organized Jewry.”  We’ll be covering all things jewish, unethical and illegal.    Tunes start at 7pm est, show time is 8pm est. [Archive is up. Sorry I fell asleep on the job last night. I was unable to start the recording process […]

3 July, 2009

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Isn’t it interesting how, in schools from California to Maine, the students must learn Spanish but never French or German? So much for “diversity” in languages: [Article].