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16 November, 2020

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One of the ways that liberals are like Jews: they never forgive anybody. Conservatives forgive people all the time. Liberals never forgive anybody, even after 50 years or more. (Another way liberals are like Jews: they always attack you personally. “You’re (select one): a racist, a hater, a philanderer, a sexist, an idiot, a jerk,” […]

21 November, 2012

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Radio Debate: Hunter Wallace vs. Alex Linder. Pt.1 2012-11-21: Pt.2 2012-11-26: Pt.3 2012-12-03: [VNN Forum thread].

25 December, 2010

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Newbies, the idea that “some Jews are good people” is an old one and a dangerous one. Jews are Jews. Whites are Whites. They must not mix. As Alex said, there must be a clear line between Jews and gentiles: [Essay].

23 March, 2010

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by HervĂ© Ryssen. (Re: the old issue of ‘are-Jews-a-race-or-not?’: if one uses the federal government’s definition of race, then the Jews are a race. Go [Here] and scroll 7/8 down the page to “Q. What’s an ethnic group?”): [Article].

13 March, 2010

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If the West were a sane region, the scientific study of yids would be all-important: who/what are these people who have brought more misery to the White countries than any other humans? [Book Review].