23 March, 2010

The Psychopathology of Judaism

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by Hervé Ryssen. (Re: the old issue of ‘are-Jews-a-race-or-not?’: if one uses the federal government’s definition of race, then the Jews are a race. Go [Here] and scroll 7/8 down the page to “Q. What’s an ethnic group?”):


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    1. nom de guerre Says:

      Lets look at the situation, jews are a disease that can’t be cured, but only eradicated, fact is their are more .. What makes the jews a malady worse than anything else combined and multiplied by one trillion is what is called hypnosis the ability to put the victim in a trance and have him/her act like a jew, to carry out the will of the jews, either through outright wars, or praying for the lil shitty

    2. nom de guerre Says:

      People say the jews have been successful, but that successfulness is a disease, like cancer it multiplies until it snuffs the life out of the body, and if perchance the victim goes into remission, his whole system , the whole body is weakened and stunted. Look what 70 years of Jew Bolshevism did to Eastern Europe, what 70 years of Jew Occupation has done to Western Europe

    3. nom de guerre Says:

      There’s no out for the jews, no conversion, no running under the garden house, no becoming Neo-cons, Neo-KKK, Neo-Nazis, the only thing for jews is the “Get the Fuck” out house! They know the score, so should we being brought up on that good ole American tradition so called “Spoils system”, Don’t cut any deals with them, just cut the ground out from under them, like they’ve planned for us, only we’re gonna accomplish it in the batting of a baseball bat.

    4. Ein Says:

      And look at what 70 years of Jewish control have done to the USA, and to the entire Western world!

      They took a country that was something like 90% white, the most productive in the world, at the peak of its vigour, and they disestablished its founding stock; bankrupted its economy; looted its treasury; scattered its industry around the planet; corrupted its youth with drugs, self-hate, and alienation; reduced white numbers to a soon-to-be minority; replaced the whites with every sort of non-whites imported from every corner of the earth; made us ashamed of our history; debased our culture; filled us with guilt … all this done under the lofty name of “social justice”, “fairness” and other fine-sounding idealistic goals that would capture the enthusiam of elderly church ladies, as well as priests, professors, trust fund brats, and gullible college kids — all of whom who know NOTHING about life.

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      Just look at the typical Jew household….Messy, dirty, shit all over the place…..Such unkemptness is a manifestation of the Jewish mind. Unlike the Aryan, for whom home and hearth mean everything, the Jew is a rootless cosmopolitian who cannot put down roots anywhere. He cannot be civilized or domesticated. And he projects his dirt and disorder on to the rest of society.

    6. CW-2 Says:

      An insightful almost profound article, but the author misunderstands the true nature of the problem. Psychological and cultural states are to a great extent the product of the workings of genes. The jew for millennia existed on the edge of a desert and prospered by letting his flock of sheep ravage one patch of grazing before moving onto the next. In this mode of existence he never had to cooperate with other peoples, indeed his self-conceived desert deity told him that such accommodation was abhorrent. So those genes that favored the spoilt self-centered child mindset proliferated within the tribe. OK a bit of an over simplification!

      No amount of ‘love’ or understanding on our part is going to reform the jew of stop his genocidal attacks upon us. Does the immune system negotiate or ‘talk things thru’ with invading bacteria?

      Other than complete separation of Western societies from jew influence our only hope lies in developing some sort of immunity to their poison.

    7. UB Says:

      Richard Wagner had no trouble defing Jews:

      “…the Jews: they comprise our civilization – that is obvious , and that is why it is worth nothing.”

      — Richard Wagner (CWDII, 20/5/1882)

      “The Jew is the most astounding instance of racial solidarity ever offered by world-history. Without a fatherland, a mother-tongue, midst every people’s land he finds himself again: even commixture of blood does not hurt him; let Jew or Jewess intermarry with the most distinct of races, a Jew will always come to birth… he has no religion at all — merely the belief in certain promises of his god — whereon his race is ensured dominion over all that lives and lives not… The Jew is the plastic demon of man’s downfall in triumphant surety…”

      — Richard Wagner (Know Thyself, 1881)

    8. Tim McGreen Says:

      Interesting theory about the Jews’ sheep grazing on other peoples’ lands. My take view is that the Jews were desert bandits, gypsies and cut-throats who sold cheap trinkets, diseased goats, women and slaves at the bazaars that stood alongside the ancient transcontinental trading routes that ran through Canaan. That’s where the Jews got their haggling skills and their cosmopolitanism from.

    9. Ein Says:

      “No amount of ‘love’ or understanding on our part is going to reform the jew of stop his genocidal attacks upon us. Does the immune system negotiate or ‘talk things thru’ with invading bacteria?”

      Can you train a flea to stop biting dogs? Or teach a leech to stop sucking blood and get an honest job? Can you cure a tapeworm of its lifestyle? No! It’s what they do.

      Likewise, preaching to dogs that they should love and tolerate fleas and that worms are good for you is not going to stop them from biting and scratching. That is what dogs do.

    10. Kuda Bux Says:

      That is dog do.

    11. William Says:

      I am no anthropologist (spelling??), but I have read that there are four races on earth:
      Jews are not a race. Jews are not even a religion, as many Jews are non-observant. Jews are defined by a cruel and violent, self-righteous
      lack of concern or compassion for non-Jews. Jews can kill without mercy, as is shown by the horrors of the Jew led Cheka. Jews actually think that non-Jews are not human. Jews might appear normal when they deal with goyim, but, when they are alone with only Jews present, Jews laugh at goyim and the ease with which the goyim are scammed.
      You can best get a sense of this by searching for and reading the Harold Wallace Rosenthal interview. Jews and the Illuminati are one and the same and are bent on world domination. If you do not know of the Rothschilds and the central banks around the globe, you need to study more. The “Protocols” are real, and Jews will have their way if America does not wake up. For a taste of what Jews do when they have total control, STUDY the horrors of the Red Terror in Russia, when people were butchered alive and blood ran in gutters in the basement of Lubyanka prison in Moscow. Spend some money and buy Juri Lina’s
      UNDER THE SIGN OF THE SCORPION. But, too many Americans believe the Jew lies and the false premise of the “holocaust”. Remember the Jew stories of the Germans making soap from Jew fat, and lampshades from Jew skin and Jew shrunken heads??? ALL LIES. But, Americans will NOT wake up. Just look at the US Congress, where there are 13 Jews in the US Senate when Jews make up less than 3 percent of the US population. BOTH the majority and minority leaders in the US House are JEWS. Pelosi is in power because of her wealthy JEW friends in California. Pelosi is married to a JEW, and two of her children are being raised as JEWS. Do you think Pelosi, easily the most incompetent Speaker in my lifetime of 62 years, cares about YOU, GOYIM. So, Jews are not a race, but a mindset that harbors mayhem, murder and crimes you can not imagine. Jesus knew this when he said that Satan was the father of the Jews. But, America is DOOMED because the Jews are not challenged for their lies and crimes. Just look at Gaza.

    12. Hans Schneider Says:

      Jews are a race, hooked noses big ears and a ugly face prove that clearly.

    13. Tim McGreen Says:

      “I am no anthropologist (spelling??), but I have read that there are four races on earth:

      What about the Aborigines? Aren’t they a race, albeit an early, primitive race?

    14. Ein Says:

      No, they’re not a “race”. An ethnic group, yes, one with many foreign admixtures acquired during their wanderings.

      But they are not one of the basic human races:
      Negroid (Congoid)

      There are a few hard-to-place odds and ends too: like Hottentots (Capoid)and Australian aborigines (Australoid). But not Jews.

      The listing above, once considered the basic racial groups, has been under heavy assault by the new wave of anti-race anthropoligists (heavily Marxist) in recent decades.

      Ethnic groups can have their distinct genetic characteristics and their own diseases, but they’re not races. Greeks and Norwegians are different ethnic groups, quite distinct and readily identifiable, but both groups are Caucasian. Jews further complicate this confusion about ethnicity by using religion as an identifier, an obfuscation, when that is more convenient for their purpose. But the Jews are always a special case.

      Not all Caucacians are “white” either (in color, that is). An Dravidian from India can be coal black, but is still Caucasian – not Negro. Aside from pigmentation, he does not share any other characteristics with African Negroes (woolly hair, etc). That’s according to Carleton Coon. And Australoids (in Australia) are/were sometimes considered to be a form of very primitive Caucasoids. That’s obviously a very unpopular idea with the “new antoropoligists” in an age when science has to be Politically Correct and made inoffensive to anyone. So we’re all equal, they say.

      Another thing is how you choose to define “race”. To the Jews, there are just two kinds of people: Jews and gentiles. And only Jews are God’s chosen and fully human. Goyim are cattle for the service of Jews.

      To Moslems, you have two kinds also: Moslem and infidel. Race is irrelevant to Moslems, but religion is everything.

      I have known blacks who insist that the world is divided into two kinds also: Whites and “People of Color”…. (which, to them, means blacks). It’s a neat division, and you’re one or the other. Either or. So, to them, everyone is either black or white. Very simple minds! (I asked them: What are Chinese? They’re black!)

      Given the political climate of the world today, little if any objective research can be done. Scientific objectivity ended about 1965-70, with the hippies, the Beatles, civil rights, immigration reform, MLK, and the new independence of African colonies which desperately needed self-esteem. For objectivity, I think it’s best to rely on the older anthropoligists (up to Carleton Coon). After that, it’s just politics, pandering, and political correctness. Just my opinion.

      I quote from Wikipedia below.

      Coon published his magnum opus The Origin of Races in 1962. The field of physical anthropology had changed markedly, and his book was not well received. It came under attack by such contemporaries as Ashley Montagu [Israel Ehrenberg] who were heavily influenced by Franz Boas. Rather than supporting Coon’s theories, they and other contemporary researchers viewed the human species as a continuous serial progression of populations.

      The Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s and changing social attitudes challenged racial theories like Coon’s that had been used by segregationists to justify discrimination and depriving people of civil rights.

      Posthumous reputation:
      In 2001 the Journal of the History of Biology reviewed the controversy around the reception of Coon’s 1962 book, The Origin of Races.

      The article abstract concluded:
      “Segregationists in the United States used Coon’s work as proof that African Americans were “junior” to white Americans, and thus unfit for full participation in American society. The paper examines the interactions among Coon, segregationist [and Coon relative] Carleton Putnam, geneticist Theodosius Dobzhansky, and anthropologist Sherwood Washburn. The paper concludes that Coon actively aided the segregationist cause in violation of his own standards for scientific objectivity.

      Coon’s ideas have steadily faded from view as new work emerged. New ideas introduced in work by academicians and scientists such as Stephen Jay Gould, Richard Lewontin, Leonard Lieberman and others, argued that race is not a valid concept with which to classify human biodiversity. [all Jews, do note!]

    15. Ein Says:

      Tim, I was referring above to Hans’ statement that “Jews are a race”, not your question about aborigines.

    16. Kuda Bux Says:

      “Valid concept” = good for jews.

    17. Ein Says:

      In 1961, the American Association of Physical Anthropoligists voted to censure Carleton Putnam’s book, “Race and Reason” . Coon, who was President of the association at the time, resigned his position in protest, objecting to this suppression of free speech.

      The cultural snowball that was to overwhelm the 60s was already under way… leading all the way to the White House in 2009. And so today we have the son of a Kenyan tribesman in the White House, surrounded by Jewish aides and advisors.

    18. Tim McGreen Says:

      I think one can be a White hippie and Beatles fan while at the same time be a hardcore racist/racial separatist. The Manson Family was sort of like that.

    19. UB Says:

      Racists anthropologist Carleton Steven Coon has been dismissed by Jewish anthropologists for his teachings that human populations evoloved differently because of race, not environment. Professor Coon has been completely removed from World Book Encyclopedia, etc.

    20. Dave Says:

      My father was taught the same.


      The newer books on anthropology and sociology I have read wreak so terribly of shit that often times I have to put them down,rant aloud to my wife for several minutes,then try to resume.

      I am just about to finish a book called the Life and Death of Adolf Hitler.Here I am towards the end of the book(1950’s)and tada! Lampshades,soap,matresses etc. I went through another episode before going back to finish the chapter.

      I am a fan of the Beatles music,not the Beatles themselves. My father played a lot of 60’s music and I just took to it as a kid. He had a lot to say about race as well. He kind of confused me. Now I confuse myself. I am a 60’s music fan,a racist by todays standards and I resemble a hippy to the point where strangers ask me for drugs. It is kind of irritating lol.

    21. Henry Says:

      America’s whole mental framework has been re-shaped to suit the Jews’ objectives and political correctness. Though we’re too close up to realize it ourselves (historians may), there’s been a massive cultural conversion going on, a very dramatic change — something like Europe converting to Christianity, or the Protestant Reformation. Young people today, even Southerners, whose parents and grandparents supported segregation and took it for granted, now regard that era with horror, one of the world’s greatest evils. Why? Because the Jews have told them so. Nearly every Hollywood movie, newspaper editorial, or even television weather forecast, has gotten in its subtle dig (as with black male–white female broadcast partners positioned together in the chummiest relationship). Half a century of constant brainwashing — both open and subtle — has done its job.

      I wonder what is taught (re. anthropology) in places like Japan — places that are outside the Jews’ main sphere of influence. Do they also follow along with the latest politically correct “science” [choke, choke!] from the West? Or they able to be objective and take their own point of view? That would be interesting.

    22. Kuda Bux Says:

      wreak so terribly


    23. Arminius Says:

      I wouldn’t dismiss the psychopathology of Jews in favor of race out of hand. For one, it is never denied, even by Jews, there are TWO Jewish races- Sephardim and Ashkenazi- there are also admittedly a lot mongrels of all types plus a few darkies among them.
      Now consider this: All Jewish males, regardless of race or no race, are circumcised in a brutal ritual.
      Never mind, that medics claim, the brain of an eight-day-old baby is not yet developed to function and thus unable to feel anything. This concerns only the consciousness, but the subconscious (“intermediate”) brain is, as psychologists know, capable of perception already before birth- because it is needed so that the newborn survives.
      Now comes the attack on what the subconscious considers its most important body part- the penis. This mutilation can never be erased, neither from body nor, what matters most, the subconscious mind.
      Thus it continues to dominate the life of the growing and adult Jewish male to his last breath. Of course, he is not “aware” of it, but his subconscious brain knows the tricks to rule his behavior, and his conscious mind only tries to rationalize this and put into action.
      His subconscience stirs him to seek revenge from his tormentor, but his conscience has been taught to honor and respect the rabbi. The rabbi, himself a victim of the system, is brainwashed to see the misdeeds on others as God’s will and busy to direct his pupil’s subconscious hostility against any men not mentally disturbed. Jew and Gentiles- there are only two kinds of man, indeed. Such who are artificially made mentally ill and those who are not. And the women follow the path of their guiding men. They always did and do.
      Would this line of reasoning explain fittingly the problem of Jewish psychopathology, in plain English: Disease of the mind?

    24. CW-2 Says:

      “Half a century of constant brainwashing – both open and subtle – has done its job.”
      Very true, but I’m wondering how can we with our limited resources possibly overturn that? Let’s hope that once the 24/7 propaganda is turned off White people will return to their senses.

    25. bojangles gizzards Says:

      HA HA HA… DNA science has the Med Mud Jeebus SWINDLERS IN SHOCK AND AWE !!! YUK, YUK, YUK !!

    26. Dave Says:

      Thank you Kuda.

    27. Tim McGreen Says:

      I thought Kuda would find my ironic commentary on split infinitives to definately be entertaining.

    28. Jake Says:

      They took a country….

      Which country?

      U.S.A. ?
      South Africa
      united kingdom

    29. Sage Says:

      I saw an add on T.V. the other day. A young mulatto girl was talking about her love for her Asian boyfriend. Then the add showed them kissing, then – cut to the shows title. Of course I have a mental block on the title because of my immediate thoughts.

      My first immediate thought was that Hollywood Jews will try anything. The other thought was that statistically, black females/male asian paring is almost statistically impossible. Yet, Hollywood by showing the images, tries to will it into being.

      Our banker and media Jewish leaders want us to become debt slaves and to control our minds. Essentially they want a feudalistic world with them in control. The rest of the world is to be serfs and debt peons.

      They tried to control the internet with the Time Warner purchase of AOL. However, the internet has escaped Jewish Control. The Chinese have shown how to control the net with (special routers), and that would be logical next step for our Jewish masters.

    30. Kuda Bux Says:



    31. Tim McGreen Says:

      Kuda Bux Says:

      28 March, 2010 at 7:55 pm