16 November, 2020


Posted by Socrates in jewntiles, Jewology, Jews and liberals are twins, leftism, leftist/liberal hate, leftists, liberal 'tolerance', liberal mindset, liberalism, liberals, liberals-as-children, Socrates at 2:59 pm | Permanent Link

One of the ways that liberals are like Jews: they never forgive anybody. Conservatives forgive people all the time. Liberals never forgive anybody, even after 50 years or more.

(Another way liberals are like Jews: they always attack you personally. “You’re (select one): a racist, a hater, a philanderer, a sexist, an idiot, a jerk,” etc. It’s always a personal attack. Instead of saying, for example, “Donald Trump’s foreign policies are all wrong,” they say, “Donald Trump is a racist homophobe”).

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