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19 July, 2021

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I once watched a documentary about people who owned exotic pets. One guy had a black bear for a pet. A full-grown bear. The guy had gotten the bear as a cub, and he owned the bear for 30 years without any trouble. But one day, the bear suddenly attacked him and mauled him severely, […]

24 June, 2021

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by Roger Pearson. (Genetics is everything. That’s why ancient Rome died and why America is dying: a lack of good genetics. In fact, race-mixing should be a crime in the Western world, and it would be except that our “leaders” are corrupt idiots who wouldn’t dare do the right thing). “What causes the fall of […]

30 October, 2019

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“You cannot build a 1st world nation with 3rd world DNA.” — original source unknown.

31 August, 2019

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“We have found that a great diversity of Y chromosomal haplotypes in Africa is a result of the mixing of several very distant lineages, some of them not necessarily African, and that Europeiods (at least) do not contain “African” SNPs (those of haplogroups A or B). These important findings put a proverbial dent in the […]

7 April, 2018

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How long will it be before freakishly large dogs, and humans, walk among us? Probably not long. In fact, there may be genetic freaks being bred in secret laboratories right now (possibly in an effort to build an army of tall, muscular super-men) [1]. [Article]. . [1] newbies: speaking of genetic freaks, Jews get a […]

30 September, 2017

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White people are a tiny minority in the world (about 13% now). Therefore, we have a right, yes, a right, to have some countries all to ourselves. Blacks and Browns and Asians have lots of countries all to themselves. So why can’t we? Why are Whites expected to allow millions of non-White immigrants into their […]

2 March, 2017

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Can you believe that Western culture has reached the point where people ask “What is race?” Race is real. It’s genetic. It’s the human group that you belong to: White, Black, Asian, etc.[1]. Your race is your nation. Unless you are of mixed race. Then you’re just confused: you don’t know which group you belong […]

13 February, 2017

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That’s a very amusing claim, considering that Blacks suffer from many more diseases than Whites per capita, including sickle cell anemia, higher rates of diabetes, cancer, heart disease, hypertension, heart attack, stroke, AIDS and other STD’s, and also, injuries due to general Black carelessness, like from drug overdoses. Furthermore, the idea that Blacks get more […]

11 May, 2015

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Warning the public that Whites are being genocided by multiculturalism and immigration is “evil.” If warning people about the genocide is evil, then the genocide must be good? That’s truly sick. (Have you ever read the official definition of genocide? You don’t have to actually commit it. If you engage in acts that will likely […]

2 July, 2013

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Seen on the TV: California game wardens expressing great concern about the poaching of abalone (a type of shellfish found in the ocean). Apparently, large amounts of time and money are spent by the state’s Fish and Game agency to try to stop the poachers, lest the abalone disappear from California waters. Yet, at the […]