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14 November, 2021

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Granted, listening to me (my typed words) can sometimes be tiring, too, since the words often repeat. But for good reason: we learn by repetition. You learned math and English that way. When you listen to a leftist “theorist” talk, it’s usually an hour or more of babble. Too much info and haranguing! (The communist […]

16 August, 2018

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(Above: one of the godfathers of leftist socialism, the Jew, Eduard Bernstein) Newbies, left-wing socialism has one main root, or taproot: the Jews [1]. It’s funny how nobody ever mentions that fact when they talk about socialist countries, like Venezuela, that are falling apart. [Article]. . [1] Socialism is more-or-less “pre-communism” or “communism lite.” Karl […]