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20 June, 2009

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Credit cards = Jews get rich from them while Mexican and negro clerks routinely steal card info. But it’s really tough to live without a credit card today. For example, try renting a car or a hotel room without one. You’re locked into it, White man: [VNN Forum thread].

23 May, 2008

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A White country (America) is borrowing big money from non-Whites (Asians) to pay for a war (the Iraq War) that was launched for the benefit of other non-Whites (Israel). Meanwhile, White Americans who are living on fixed incomes are struggling to pay their bills and will have to struggle even harder when oil reaches $150-per-barrel. […]

14 September, 2006

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[From Daily Reckoning] Nothing fails like success. As recently as a half-century ago, the American stood like a colossus in a New World…young, free, healthy; and a creditor to the rest of the world, which owed him not only money…but liberty, for he had lent his muscle, his oil, his manufacturers – and even risked […]