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26 December, 2008

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What sort of country does that? A country that has been corrupted by Jews. A country that more and more resembles Israel: [Article].

24 December, 2008

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note:  Only one news source on google news picked up this news worthy story despite it’s NY origins.  Website appears to be located in the UK.   Story appears here Brooklyn, NY – The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) today filed and settled charges of fraud, filing false documents, and misappropriation of customer funds against […]

30 November, 2008

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“The inconsistency goes even further. Jewish organisations are as one in condemning Western societies, Western traditions, and Christianity, for past crimes against Jews. Yet they never talk about Jewish crimes.” Yep. The Ukrainian holocaust was carried out by Stalin’s top henchman, Lazar M. Kaganovich (above), a Jew from the Ukraine who must have felt perverse […]

20 November, 2008

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A fraud posing as legit, the International Military Tribunal (IMT) at Nuremberg was almost entirely a Jewish production, e.g., one Jew, Murray Bernays, using a book written by another Jew, Raphael Lemkin, to create a handy excuse for racial revenge. Noted Americans, such as U.S. Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas and U.S. Senator Robert […]

8 November, 2008

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This news is even worse when you consider that the Jews now have a French version of Anne Frank to help them indoctrinate a new generation of goyim: [Article].

2 November, 2008

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Now that the media has “pre-elected” Obama by favoring him for weeks (isn’t that election tampering?), it’s time to revisit Rev. Billy Graham’s comments about Jews and America: [Article].

30 September, 2008

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by Harmony Grant and Rev. Ted Pike. Zionism is Jewish imperialism. It’s hostile, aggressive and racist. It causes wars. It’s plain bad news. Why do so few Americans oppose it? [Article].

29 September, 2008

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The war on Israel’s enemies – a.k.a. “the war on terror” and “the war on turr” – expands into Pakistan: [Article].

28 September, 2008

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How about an anti-Judaism bill instead? A “religion” based upon bigotry and supremacism, Judaism is “fundamentally hostile” to the gentile world: [Press Release].

23 September, 2008

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by Bradley R. Smith. (Some more trivia for newbies: people who believe in the Holocaust’s “6 million Jews” number are literally believing Jewish communist propaganda. The first time the “6 million” number appeared as “fact” in news media during World War II was when Jewish/Soviet propagandist Ilya Ehrenberg announced it on December 22, 1944 in […]