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1 May, 2011

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Cruelty, thy name is Jew. Zionism (a Jewish movement) and NATO (a Jewish creation) [1] have killed Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi’s son and grandchildren. That’s especially odd since, 2 weeks ago, NATO was only supposed to be “enforcing a no-fly zone” over Libya. [Article]. [1] NATO came from the Jew-written UN Charter. The UN came […]

2 April, 2011

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Sarkozy and Lévy. They’re Jews. You’re surprised, aren’t you? [Article].

21 March, 2011

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Ira Goldbergwitz: “Just think, Ben. Soon, Libya will be a pro-Israel democracy filled with fast-food restaurants, shopping malls and rebellious, over-sexed teenagers.” Ben Silversteinfeld: “Yes, indeed, Ira. I can see scores of ‘progressive’ universities all over Libya with Jewish professors teaching ‘gender studies’ and ‘queer theory.’ Tikkun olam, Ira – it’s a beautiful thing!” [Article].

22 August, 2010

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Maybe they should focus on a bigger outrage than some Libyan being sprung from jail too early. Maybe they should focus on why the Lockerbie bombing happened in the first place (i.e., because of Israel): [Article].

22 August, 2009

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Now that the suspect in that 1988 bombing has been released: did you know that the Lockerbie bombing happened because of Israel? The Jews, using one of their infamous “false-flag operations,” tricked America into believing fake information about Libya, which caused the U.S. to attack it in 1986 – an attack which killed Libyan leader […]