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1 April, 2022

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(Above: Albright signs autographs for clueless “fans”) “Mad Madeleine” Albright (1937-2022), aka the Butcher of Belgrade, the oily Jew who seemed to take delight in causing mayhem and death, is gone. But her legacy remains to haunt the world. Long involved in American foreign policy, she was U.S. ambassador to the UN and later became […]

24 March, 2022

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To celebrate the passing of the oily Jew, “Mad Madeleine” Albright, The Butcher of Belgrade, here’s a William Pierce twofer about Maddy. No, wait, let’s do a threefer! Mad Maddy illegally bombed the Serbs (using NATO combat jets) for 3 months in 1999, even though that bombing was not connected to America in any way. […]

25 March, 2016

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So, NATO bombing the crap out of the Serbs – including civilians – in 1999, and stealing their historic homeland of Kosovo (which used to be Old Serbia), isn’t genocide? Of course it is. Is anyone at NATO going to face criminal charges? Besides, who started the ethnic hostilities between the Serbs and the part-Turkish, […]