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19 April, 2013

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First of all, the fact that at least one Boston bombing suspect (the oldest one and the apparent leader, Tamerlan Tsarnaev) was a Muslim is good for the Jews: the bombing demonizes Muslims even more than they were already demonized. The bombing also brings America and Israel closer together, since they have a common enemy […]

10 November, 2009

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The Jews don’t have to worry about this: there will be no investigation of our Jewed immigration policies, which bring Muslims to America, and no investigation of our Jewed foreign policies in the Middle East, which fuel Muslim anger towards America. “Coincidentally,” the Senate committee that will investigate the Ft. Hood incident is led by […]

22 October, 2009

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“Too Westernized”? Shouldn’t that read “too Judaized”? [1]: [Article]. [1] “…shows that the Western intellectual world has become Judaized — that Jewish attitudes and interests, Jewish likes and dislikes, now constitute the culture of the West, internalized by Jews and non-Jews alike.”

25 March, 2006

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[As the late Dr. Pierce used to say, jews brought their ancient hatreds to our shores. Now those hatreds redound against jews, we hear the piteous shriek of the unhappy kike. Oy, maybe rethinking this immigration thing would be “good for jews.” What’s good for you, White man? A simple little thing called NO JEWS. […]