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9 February, 2022

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This trucker situation is hilarious. The harder the (((elites))) push, the worse it gets for them. They don’t realize that they’re grossly outnumbered, and out-brained as well. Populism is rising and the elites cannot stop that. (However, I would caution the populist movement: do not allow the movement to be hijacked by Jews. They will […]

9 August, 2019

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Yes, we must be intolerant of the people who are intolerant towards traditional Americans, who hate us and attack us daily. We need a giant PAC (Political Action Committee), so to speak. A huge one. Five-million-people, or more, strong, acting as one giant unit, one giant body, one giant mind, to respond to the haters […]

3 May, 2019

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A news headline: “Paul Joseph Watson, Alex Jones and others Banned from Facebook and Instagram.” Consider this: Social media has become so huge, so ubiquitous that, when you make a post on it, that post, seen by millions of people, is in the public domain. It’s a public forum, in other words, even if the […]