9 August, 2019

Texas Tea Party Says: We Must Be Intolerant in Return

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Yes, we must be intolerant of the people who are intolerant towards traditional Americans, who hate us and attack us daily. We need a giant PAC (Political Action Committee), so to speak. A huge one. Five-million-people, or more, strong, acting as one giant unit, one giant body, one giant mind, to respond to the haters who hate traditional America. Groups of people are always much more powerful than lone individuals. (Disclaimer: this is not a call to any violence — see VNN’s legal disclaimer far below, at bottom of page). [Article].

  • 3 Responses to “Texas Tea Party Says: We Must Be Intolerant in Return”

    1. Luke Says:

      I’ve been saying this same thing for years, but when I find myself in a group of fellow White guys and we start talking politics – when I start offering a few red pill flavored ideas – these White males have become such feminized, weak kneed, limp wristed wimps – that they whine and complain that my ideas are making them feel uncomfortable and they want to change the subject.

      How can a nation full of White male manginas ever hope to make any headway, or even hold their own ground – when the scrotum sack between their legs has had its balls removed by the jews?

    2. Antagonistes Says:

      Mangina—I like that.

      It is true: Men have been made to feel ashamed of their packages. It is also true that some men have misused their packages, but most have not.

      Men want to have sex, but the fathers should teach them to have responsible penises. Women want love, but the mothers and grandmothers should teach them how to use their vaginas to entrap a man into marriage.

      ALL 13 and 14 yr. olds should work in a church or daycare nursery changing diapers so that they can learn what a human body is.

    3. Socrates Says:

      Re: those Whites who “call for violence” now: such calls are understandable, since they are frustrated with the current state of affairs in America. But let us not forget Robert J. Mathews and his way-too-early fate. Mathews would have been a great leader, had he not died too soon.