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10 February, 2022

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This is original philosophy. I did not read it in a book. If I asked you to “name a well-known Marxist who was also a good person” (e.g., Lenin, Stalin, Castro, Mao, etc.), you couldn’t do it. Nope. Such a person does not exist! Marxism is a creed of hate. It’s also a bag of […]

30 January, 2022

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“The Anti-Humans” (1971); Jewish/communist terror in Romania (a .PDF file). You have to ask: was America ever really “anti-communist”? We talked a good game, sure, but it was all talk. All hot air. All smoke but no fire. America could have liberated Cuba from communism within 3 days. Did we? Nope. We could have stopped […]

9 December, 2021

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“Portland Protest Shows New Far-Right Trend: Multiethnic Groups with Fascist Heroes Like Pinochet” From 2018, but interesting nonetheless. First time I have seen it. It’s funny how leftists can have mass-murdering communist heroes (like Fidel Castro) and nobody ever complains about it. “Pinochet did nothing wrong?” Correct. He was reacting to Marxism. Just like Somoza […]

29 November, 2021

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(Above: Anastasio Somoza Debayle, who was at least half-White on his mother’s side; his father appeared to be largely-White, i.e., Spaniard). An anti-communist, Nicaraguan leader Somoza (1925-1980) was a loyal ally of America and of freedom. Yet America (under Jimmy Carter’s horrible leftist “leadership”) did nothing to help Somoza while the communists raped and murdered […]