22 March, 2006

Alternative Local Media: Freeport, Illinois

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This is precisely what I’m talking about. Forming your own blog to counterpoint your local controlled media with the truth about race and jews and crime and jobs and anything else required.

A Goyfire listener writes:

A few weeks ago, you challenged folks on VNN to start their own local board to make changes on a local level. Today, I finally got www.freeportunmasked.com up and pretty soon, it will be running. It’s just up, so it ain’t pretty. But I hope to have decent content in the next few days to make an impact on this town. I hope you like it and more importantly, I hope it works.


Now, to grow it from here, get the emails of the dozens of lawyers in town and send them the url with a sizzling subject line. The lawyers know where all the graft is between the pols and contractors, and many will grind their anonymous axes.

Good luck, and let us know how it progresses.

Who’s next?

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    1. Carl Loerbs Says:

      The Freeportunmasked blog looks good. You’re off to a good start. However, your next challenge is to provide people a way to post comments. I tried to post a comment, and it asked for a username and a password. You provide no way for someone to get a password. So once you figure out how you want to allow people to respond, you’ll be running fine.

      A couple of other examples you can look at to get some ideas. First, Yankee Jim’s blog:


      Then you can look at my blog, which is under my VNN nickname:


      Don’t get discouraged if you don’t get many responses at first. It takes time to build up a rep. Taking Alex’s advice might help. Perhaps your local lawyers might list their e-mail addresses in your local phone book.

    2. Carl Loerbs Says:

      I must correct my previous comment. You do provide a way for respondents to register in order to post comments. I just didn’t scroll down far enough. My mistake. :(