30 March, 2006

Between The Lines: “Stop Writing Me About the Jews”

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[This is a couple years old, but there are some points I wanted to make.]

Stop Writing Me About the Jews

[Notice Reed doesn’t say extremist wacko-nuts give new meaning to kookery, he says DONT WRITE ME ABOUT JEWS.]

by Fred Reed

From time to time I write about the cloacal morality of the media as they go about wrecking civilization and annoying hell out of me. For rhetorical convenience I use “New York” and “Hollywood” as a sort of abbreviation for the news racket and the screen trades.

This column gets a lot of email. Some of it assumes that “New York” and “Hollywood” are code words for “Jews,” and excoriates me mightily for not saying what I am assumed to mean. Let me give you a typical example, the subject line being “Fred Sees No Jews in New York and Hollywood.”

[Is there anybody in the world who doesn’t take NYC and Hollywood as codeword for jews, given the facts, and given jews’ own claims – for instance, that they invented Hollywood?]

“Dear Fred,

Good greetings.

Your column on Television Tyranny and Degeneration is strong and important, as your columns usually are. But it also shows you’re unwilling to mention that Jews dominate these industries – again, as your columns always are scared to mention Jews.

You’re not ignorant that Hollywood and New York, movies and television, are Jewish. You’re unwilling to say so. You’re unwilling to state publicly the hatred consistently pumped by Jews into the Gentile populations they dominate, degrade, and destroy.

The fact that even Fred Reed submits to the taboo not to criticize Jews – no matter how obvious and ubiquitous is the power of Jewish degradation of Gentiles – is proof of the ruling power of Jews.

“Hide the truth – protect Jewish power and degradation of Gentiles.” That’s the policy Fred Reed follows, together with LewRockwell.com and everybody else.

Best wishes,

[That is as fine a letter as could be written.]



I didn’t just get admitted to MIT – I got a PhD from there.

Now that I’ve got your attention, I’d like to tell you just how spineless I think your last column was in omitting the very obvious fact that JEWS have played and continue to play the largest role in television’s slow destructive agenda.

Jews have both a genetic and cultural desire to subvert and destroy their host civilizations – it is part of their survival instinct and it is what has caused their genetic strain and culture to survive for millennia.

The prevalence of Jews in television and advertising provides a powerful channel for those destructive urges to have their effect. One wonders whether this unprecedented opportunity for their hatred and contempt to be actualized will deliver the final blow to the tired host.

You’re no tough guy – forget the cigar and the leather jacket. I will take you seriously when you have the guts to offend the execrable self chosen.

Why are you so scared of Jews? Are you just a realist? Do you know more than I do about what they could and will do to you? Or are you just paranoid?


[Again, as fine a letter as could be written – cogent.]

I admire the fearlessness of John and Vince in having me take on the Jews. “Let’s you and him fight” is an old call.

[Now…slow down there, Fast Freddy. John and Vince did not ask you to “fight” the jews, they asked you to treat jews as you would any other group, by holding them responsible for their manifest and undeniable behavior and the consequences it brings.

Either Fred is slyly trying to slide over the point, or subtly indicating his agreement.

Who said anything about “fighting”? John and Vince want to know why Reed won’t name the creatures who produce and promote the tv-dreckultur he denounces. An utterly reasonable, utterly unavoidable question. Reed very uncharacteristically tries to slick his response. Again – no one said anything about fighting. Just Fred.

The reason Fred Reed practices syncopated journalism – refusing to hold the jew responsible for his actions – is precisely what he jumps to: it would result in a fight: Fred Reed and people who can’t do him any good against the jews. Fred’s cagy but dishonest way out occupies the rest of the column. But like I say, there’s always the off chance he’s subtly indicating agreement. Hell, he may simply be skipping to the main point – the fight – without even realizing the implication that he agrees that under today’s Jewish Tyranny there is a taboo against observintg jews are responsible for wrecking our nation. But I doubt it. I believe he deliberately wrote this column so as to obscure the main point: jews exercise control over who gets paid to write the media in this country, and they determine which views are fit to print. Even semi-retirees with a beer in one hand, a mexican in the other, and plenty in the bank must worry about crossing their lines.]

Being weary of this stuff, [weariness from not facing what logical Reed knows he illogically avoids – the cause of the symptoms he describes pretty much every single column] I am going to do a doubtless overlong column on the subject, and then go back to better things, such as drinking beer with colorful reprobates.

[If there’s one thing I cannot stand about Reed, it’s this cornpone-scented pot pourri he sprinkles like it can cover up the smell of legitimate Aryan elite refusing to do its duty. “It’s above my pay grade” is his usual line. Fred’s daughters and eventual grandkids have to live in this jew-trashed world; he owes them his best as a writer, and in 2006 that means taking on the jews.]

Now, the conventions of discourse being what they are, it is hard to talk about Jews at all.

[Who set these conventions? Did they spring out of thin air? Is is possible they were set by the owners? Is any other explanation even in the running?]

If you say, “Some of my best friends are Jews,” it means you hate Jews. If you say, “I can’t stand the freaking Jews,” it means you hate Jews. If you don’t say anything, it means you secretly hate Jews.

[And what are these measures of if not the peculiar and paranoid nature of the jews? And if they’re not measures of the jew and the fear he inspires in those dependent on his good graces, then why the fear to pick a choice and go with it?]

If you say anything good about the Jews, it means that you are a tool of the Jews, or afraid of the Jews, or have had your mind clouded by Jews. Where does one go from here?

[Most of the time it means you’re just another dupe, repeating received wisdom that just ain’t true. More positive yet unearned things have been said about the jews than any other race, and that fact too is a testament to their domination of the idea-installation consultancy that seems to run our policies foreign & domestic.]

But wotthehell wotthehell.

[How noble and pith-helmety of you, to respond to questions inescapably brought on by your very own words.]

The premises of letters such as the foregoing are invariant: (1) that Jews want to destroy all that is good and holy, and eat Christian children, and (2) that I know it.

[Fred paints the strawman, the better to keep the parrots laughing and not paying attention. There’s plenty of evidence jews would rather you ignore, even on the question of ritual murder, which Fred banks his reader’ll know to guffaw at.

Fred makes funny to avoid construing as his respondents would: You work/ed in media Fred. Why don’t you, at long last, write honestly about jewish control?

But Fred would rather turn to cannibalism than deal with a straight question. This is syncopation – in music, the removal of a beat where one is expected, and the placing of it where it isn’t. Fred turns to humor to escape logic.]

It then follows that, since I don’t say it, I must be either cowardly or collusive. The matter is always phrased as a manhood issue: Either you stand up to the Jews, or you lack balls. The Jews of course are a monolithic and conspiratorial group who rub their hands and say “Heh-heh-heh.”

[Again, Fred overdraws, deliberately to avoid dealing with the issue. These guys from MIT with their PhD, just another jew-blaming kook. No serious answer required. Make a jest of it. It’ll go away. But it won’t. When the same questions about the same people pop up time and time again over centuries, there’s something to them.]

Permit me a different interpretation.

Jews may be exotic in Peoria. (Or may not be: I have never been to Peoria.) In Washington, where I worked for years, they are as rare as automobiles. I have known lots of Jews. I have dated them, gotten drunk with them, danced with them, argued with them, gone on junkets to weird Asian countries with them. I liked most of them.

[Totally irrelevant. I once knew a retarded jew living in a group home, therefore jews are stupid. I once knew a jew who sold used shoes, therefore jews do not control the media. I don’t care if you have six men who saw me murder Pete, I can produce 36 who didn’t!]

My favorite lunch buddy for a long time was a retired Harvard professor, Jewish, as decent a human being as I have ever met.

[Point? There is none.]

My favorite dance partner was a Jewish radical feminist (I know, I know, but we liked each other) who was on an undefeated College Bowl team in the Sixties.

[Beside the point.]

My dentist was Jewish. The biochemist I used to windsurf with on the Potomac was Jewish. Beth, the pediatrician I dated at NIH, was Jewish, and an absolute sweetheart.

[My sack of flour has as circle-K on it.]

I learned the Texas two-step from a Jewish carpenter (no, another carpenter) who moonlighted as a dance instructor. And so on.

[Very cute, and very not relevant. As Reed knows. He is choosing – deliberately choosing – not to address the question.]

Familiarity – not fear of invisible radioactive death-needles from Mossad, or of being run out of journalism – is why I don’t devote my life to obsessing about the maleficence of Jews.

[Ok. So then why did you immediately assume naming the jew where naming the jew is logically inescapable leads to a fight? You contradict yourself. Were you in the mood to, you could point out a dozen examples of men being hounded out of media and politcs for crossing the jewline. You could point out there’s good reason for men to fear the jews, and that you do. Admitting that fear would go a long way in itself.

It is characteristic of the jew-fearer to defame others as “obsessives” for focusing on the signal political fact of our times.]

Are there Jews who do things politically I don’t like? Yes. Are there Jews who do things politically I’m not sure whether I like? Yes. Is there an Israeli lobby? Yes. Yet I have never encountered the evil Jews of The Conspiracy. I simply do not see them as bad people.

[Reed sidesteps by pretending not to understand the question, which has nothing to do with whether this or that jew is a nice individual, but whether or not jews as a collective wreck nations. They do. Fred has no problem, on occasion, admitting the truth about race, that our crime problem is really a black problem. He draws the line at admitting our black problem is a jew problem.

‘The evil Jews of The Conspiracy’ – oho, jolly good one, Fred. No mention of ADL, AIPAC, their history of lying and spying and facilitating murder. No mention that jews convene a yearly congress of their assocations, and set a jewish agenda for the coming year. ‘The Conspiracy’ itself is a jew-dragged herring, meant to draw Aryans bloodhounds off the trail. But jews are organized, they do pursue a collective agenda, and it is anti-White. Undeniable facts Fred doesn’t deny, he simply winks at them, and plays the game like a good ol’ boy who knows the score.]

I am not going to pretend otherwise to establish my virility for John and Vince.

[Fred pretends not to see. But his pointing out that he gets yarmulkes full of mail from men concerned about what jews are doing to our land shows that he ought to take the question seriously, rather than turn all jokey with fear. Or perhaps printing the letters from obviously intelligent, reasonable men is his way of tacitly agreeing with Vince and John. After all, he could have used letters from less literate men. They’d fit the caricature anti-semite he answers in this piece. No, Fred is not hisself in this one, and he’s not himself for the same reason all the others aren’t themselves when discussing jews. It doesn’t pay. It’s dangerous.]

In particular, I do not rave against the Israelis, because I don’t know what I think they should do. I note that their treatment of the Palestinians is indistinguishable from American treatment of the Iraqis and Vietnamese. Virtue does not exactly flood the world’s streets, anywhere.

[Beside the point.]

Further, Jews as I have known them are not monolithic. Politically they have been all over the place,

[But racially they uniformly favor of what’s “good for jews.”]

though running to liberal: a professional conservative (Herb Berkowitz, the PR guy at the Heritage Foundation, a raucous Boston Jew and delightful loon), a couple of AIPACers, (Seth Carus and Steve Glick, pro-Israel but, I’m sorry gang, not anti-American), libertarians, Greens, several with little or no interest in politics, some who in varying degrees disapproved of Israel.

[Again, not the point. Jews form a body at war with Aryans. That is undeniable. They say it themselves in their publications for jewish eyes, and their actions underline their words. There are jews in every camp – to protect jews, not because jews vary in interests. Jews are so organized that they tend to take over every camp, and that is why from paleocon to liberal, across the “respectable” spectrum, every public figure agrees that race does not exist, we are all “equal.” You’re either a liberal jew or you’re a hater. Race-truth is the very definition of disrespectable because that way lies White self-protection, and the jews want to eat us without our interrupting. Fred deliberately lowers his eyes to a handful of jews he’s known; refuses to lift his head and see the synagogue. If you pretend not to see it, you don’t have to deal with it.]

I spent my high-school years aboard Dahlgren Naval Weapons Lab, living on Mathematicians Row (Caffee Road, just off the Circle). The names along the street were Cohen, Reed, Strauss, Kemper. I don’t know how they voted, but they designed armament for the Navy. I’d guess Republican.

[So what? It’s kikes just like these that steal our secrets & technology and give them to Israel and sell them to China. Reed slyly or mistakenly plays it as though the issue is whether or not there are Republican or conservative jews. There are jew nazis. Jews join everything – insemitate every last grouplet to turn it in a jew-positive direction, or at the very least know what’s going on. Jerry Seinfeld, for chrissakes, subscribed to a Klan newsletter, may still. The jews are categorically different from White folk, and little ol’ two-shlepper Fred is one hell of a lot more aware of the fact than you reading this, for he knows it first hand and professionally. There is no area on earth jewier than Washington, D.C., apart from NYC and Israel itself.]

I don’t see the Jews of the email. That Jews are tremendously influential in the media is a fact, easily verified on the Web. However, the leap from “Jews are powerful in the media” to “Jews are responsible for all social ills, the collapse of civilization, and everything I don’t like” is a bit of a stretch.

[Why the stretcher, big guy? No one said jews are responsible for fat-free ice cream and rotten tomatoes, but they are responsible for producing and airing the shitcoms we see on tv, our wars abroad, our nigger-subsidizing social policies, our unknown billions per year to Israel.]

Those I know have no idea why John and Vince loathe them, incidentally. Being hit on the head by a piano imparts little understanding of pianos.

[This is the nadir of Reed’s response. Yes, anti-jew sentiment comes from nowhere. Imagine how Fred, had he the courage, would mock this poor innocent jew, who FOR ABSOLUTELY NO REASON, has been kicked out of virtually every country he’s ever infested, villagers denouncing him in precisely the same terms. They’re a known, hated entity, Freddy, my boy, and no country slicker like you can talk your way around it.

Notice the way Fred takes the jew’s side not just in exculpating the jews 100% for their behavior, but in assuming the worst about his fellow Aryan’s motives. Vince and John say nothing about their emotional reaction to what they describe, they simply charge jews with responsibility for their behavior. This equates to “loathing” by Fred’s curious math. Why does the jew and the jew alone — alone with his appeasers — enjoy the sole & exclusive right to spot motives, while the Aryan enjoys the right of, uh, having wurlitzers dropped on his goyish kep?]

Further, never do I encounter from the Johns and Vinces the idea that any Jew, ever, might have done anything good, however inadvertently.

[We have jews for that, Fred. They never cease telling us how remarkable they are. What they don’t do, and what the try to prevent others doing, is rendering the debit side of the account. But like every other jew appeaser, Fred would never dare open the question of whether jews are a collective positive or negative. He knows the answer.]

My experience is distinctly otherwise. For years I was a science writer in Washington. I spent countless days crawling through NIH, COMSAT, NASA, talking with Bell Labs and IBM Research, and places you have probably never heard of. (The PET lab of NIDA, National Institute on Drug Abuse in Baltimore, for example, then run by a very bright Jewish woman.) The number of Jews in research, and in high-tech industry, is wildly out of proportion to their number in the population. They are a mainstay of the American lead in technology. This is bad?

[They number even more highly in media — this is bad. Interesting that Fred’s high-tech examples are mostly drawn from government. In other words, jews are on the public teat in highly disproporationate numbers, far beyond their presence at the cutting edge of high-tech. Jews appear not when the conceptual work is being done, but when it appears that the stupid goy has an idea worth stealing. See Disney and Edison – both of whom hated jews for stealing their inventions. Oh yeah – and I have worked the same beat you have, Fred, writing about high-tech in Washington, D.C.]

Let me tell you a story. In the early Fifties, polio was a nightmare for parents. Lots of children clunked around in braces or sat forever in wheel chairs. In summer, the epidemic season, our mothers wouldn’t let us go to public swimming pools because they were thought to be focuses of infection.

One day a fellow named Salk came out of a laboratory somewhere and said, “Hey, I’ve got this vaccine….” A bit later, a guy named Sabin came out of another laboratory, and said, “Hey, if we do thus and so and put it on sugar cubes, see, it will be oral….” You can’t imagine how welcome that vaccine was. Parents grabbed their children by the hair and sprinted through doors, sometimes not bothering to open them, to get to the clinic. Polio just flat disappeared.

[Ah, the classic. I would have thought this would have been too cliched for old Reed, but no. He trots it out, unembarrassed. Which other disease’s cure boasts a religious provenance? Who has read a single article in which a White or Christian is credited with ever other known cure? In fact it has been quite plausibly alleged that Salk was but a jew putting his name one the work of a goyish team. You know – kind of like that ultimate brain Einstein did – ripping off E=mc2.]

Hint: Salk and Sabin were not Rastafarians. (“Jews Destroy American Iron Lung Industry.”)

[Hyuk, hyuk. But Fred, are you willing to discuss whether jews are a collective positive or negative? That’s what I thought. ]

Does none of this count for anything?

[It counts for very little, as it is exaggerated, and as you ignore the vastly preponderant weight of evidence, much in jews own words, about their hatred for and earnest working to wreck white nations. But then again, Fred, with all these jews in all these high places, how come America’s falling apart? Ought to be the best of times, huh? Guess we jew-hating goyim aren’t carrying the load.]

So many of the Jewish crimes popular on the email circuit don’t stand up to examination. For instance, I hear repeatedly that during Vietnam America won in the field but that Jews stabbed Our Boys in the back by means of the anti-war movement, thus seeking to promote godless atheistic communism.

Not quite. The leadership of the anti-war movement was heavily Jewish. The movement itself was overwhelmingly Christian. At the conservative Southern college I attended, the studentry to a boy wanted no part of the war. It wasn’t because of Jewish anything. It was because they didn’t want to get shot. Their girlfriends didn’t want them to get shot, nor did their parents.

People didn’t need help to weary of an endless, bloody, pointless war, in which their sons were dying, in a place they didn’t care about and could barely find on a map. Christian kids in huge numbers did everything they could to avoid Vietnam, which is why the draft was needed to force them to go. Christians like Dan Quayle, George W, and Bill Clinton sought student deferments or ducked into the National Guard. Check how many of the Christian elite from the Ivies served in Asia. The anti-war movement wasn’t a Jewish plot. It was a national revolt.

[After a point perhaps. But it is undeniable that jewish radicals beshat America in the ‘sixties, and that jewish paper owners misrepresented the progress of the war. Jews hated America right up until they took it over, at which point they began waving the flag like nobody’s business. They went from commies to conservatives, but all they ever were was jews.]

Most of the things Jews are supposed to be doing, on examination, they aren’t. Is globalization a Jewish plot (as I’m told),

[The tearing down of national borders was certainly a jewish plot. They admit it.]

or the inevitable result of advancing technology? Is destructive feminism a Jewish plot,

[I don’t know. Who had the means and resources to promote Friedan, Abzug and Steinem as advocates for “women”? Say, what “religion” did the holy three belong to?]

or the result of sweeping social changes in which women have found themselves thrown into unaccustomed and unsettling roles?

[Women’s roles would certainly have changed due to the free time they had as the result of new machines, but the illogically angry, misandrist, pro-abortion, anti-male direction feminism was channeled in is directly and solely due to the jews and their political interests.]

Is the decline of education a Jewish plot, or the consequence of having teaching in the hands of intellectual dregs, of pandering by politicians for racial votes, and of the fact that Americans don’t really care about schooling? Etc.

[Anti-intellectual education for the dirty goyim is high on the jewish agenda, which is identical to the NEA’s. jews were solely responsible for the integration that destroyed American education, just as they were responsible, in the main, for the progressivism out of Columbia Teachers College, just as they were responsible, again via Columbia, for spreading the lie that race does not exist and all cultures are equal. Are jews guilty? Yes. And you, Fred, are guilty of appeasing them.]

That’s why I don’t gnaw at myself about Jews.

[Let the word go out from this time and place: on the most important issue of the day, Fred Reed sided with the jews and against his own race.]

  • 17 Responses to “Between The Lines: “Stop Writing Me About the Jews””

    1. Carpenter Says:

      Fred Reed is a leader who refuses to lead.

      Very good analysis of his evasions. For those who take the time to read it, this is a study in how you can spot some of the most common debating tricks. When this guy admits that mentioning the Jew causes you immense trouble, he shows that he knows what is going on. I can see why you are frustrated, Alex, as you recognize him as an intellectual equal in many ways, but one that is morally a coward.

      Very frustrating. He would have pretended to be a communist had he lived behind the Iron Curtain. He would have applauded Hitler had he lived in the Reich. In Japan he’d be a Buddhist, in the Middle Ages he would have cheered the king, then the Mongols when they came to visit. He knows the truth about race, but he praises Mexicans, because that gives him a Politically Correct alibi. Also I suspect because he wants to insult his readers, White Americans all, feeling all smug because they’re not at his intellectual level.

      This is the reason why you should not join Mensa. You’ll meet a whole lot of intelligent people, but to your great disappointment it turns out that they are cowards who refuse to think when it is dangerous to do so.

    2. apollonian Says:

      Jews–Symptom Of “Western Decline”
      (Apollonian, 30 Mar 06)

      Well, I’d say Jews aren’t the cause, but rather the undeniable and very thematic symptom of the “Decline of the West,” by Oswald Spengler. Jews are disease-of-opportunity feeding fm the hubris of “decline….” Fred Reed helps cover up the essential causes of cultural “decline” and hubris by not analyzing the Jew issue according to essentials, for example the nature of the Talmudic theology, whence God is made mere henchman for the Jews, making Jew lies become truth. (Ck Hoffman’s “Judaism’s Strange Gods.”)

      The conspiracy destroying the USA–like Ken Lay looted Enron–is made up of mostly subjectivist gentiles and Jews like especially the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR–see JBS.org). Check Michael Collins Piper’s “The New Jerusalem” for some interesting details on the Enron travesty.

      Hence the West in “decline…” must undergo Constantinian Christian cultural revolution in order to resurge and recover. And this revolutionary movement will be most confirmed in actual deed as the Federal Reserve Bank counterfeiting fraud is overthrown. Such overthrow will require such reforms as US Senators elected by state legislatures as originally.

      People in general must become fully informed of the heretical nature of the “Judeo-Christians” who collude and conspire in treason with the Jews. Thus the religious revolution must be Rationalist in nature, this founded upon objectivity, determinism, cycle and conspiracy theory, heeding most carefully basic logic, taking special care against fallacy and heresy.

      So Fred Reed collaborates with Jews, covering for them, playing stupid, failing for the necessary observations. Thus Fred Reed must fall by the wayside as inferior journalist and artist. Linder/VNN thus do excellent analytical service for the white volk.

      CONCLUSION: We patriots must work courageously in all grimness as the historical cycle takes its inexorable toll of weaklings and heroes. We must obey God’s (and/or nature’s) inexorable will, taking our opportunities as they’re presented. Presently we must prepare the cultural psyche by means of such as New Testament conspiracy theory-analytic-template, appealing best to the large cultural mentality. Ck for more Apollonian expo on NewNation.org under “commentary.” Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

    3. Socrates Says:

      Apollonian wrote: “Well, I’d say Jews aren’t the cause, but rather the undeniable and very thematic symptom of the “Decline of the West…”

      Huh? Jews are only a symptom? Communism – and its modern offspring, such as the Frankfurt School’s “critical theory” and other types of leftism – didn’t come from Jews? Did little green men from Mars invent those ideas instead?

    4. apollonian Says:

      The point is u gotta have gentiles dumb enough on one hand to go along w. the Jews. Good strong Christian antisemites would never put up w. stupid Jew liars and lies in first place–but this of course requires the pain of learning the lesson in first place. See more of my expo on NewNation.org under “commentary”–Jews are disease-of-opportunity taking advantage of gentile hubris which must be present as necessary condition to Jew disease. Thanks for ur comments. A.

    5. Mark Richards Says:

      Fred Reed is a great asset for our side. I admit I am incredulous that he says he doesn’t see Jewish responsibility for so many of our ills. I even wrote him twice, hoping to provide some insight that he may have missed.

      But just about all of my friends say exactly the same thing. They see the same problems I see, but cannot connect them to Jews. I do not think they are lying. So why should I think Fred is lying?

      Fred has no qualms about blacks, the other dangerous taboo. And he lives in Mexico writing columns on the internet, not in DC or NY writing for the mainstream press. So why should he fear the Jews?

      Let’s face it: he doesn’t get it, and he never will. But Fred is so good at lampooning all the symptons that he surely brings enlightenment to many who would not be reached by VNN et al. And once they start coming around, they’ll meet Alex and the rest, and it won’t matter if he nevers mentions Jews again.

      We need not be such purists that if one is not 100% on board, he is at best useless and at worst the enemy. We seem to fight harder against those with whom we nearly agree than against those with whom we do not agree at all.

    6. alex Says:

      Fred Reed is not on our side.

      It simply amazes me that people think that people who won’t agree with our basic premises and openly write against us are on our side.

      They aren’t.

      Trust me, you’re naive if you think you know more than Reed does about jews.

    7. Carl Loerbs Says:

      Fred Reed sees Jews, but looks upon them as just another white ethnic group because they have white skin. So he views them through the perspective of the typical white Gentile, and since so many of our people don’t think tribalistically, he can’t conceive that Jews would think tribalistically. So, to him, Jewish domination of critical sectors like the media, the entertainment industry, and in research and high-tech is merely coincidental.

      Like so many of our people, he diagnoses the symptoms but shies away from the disease itself. By saying this, we don’t mean to denigrate him but simply to highlight the extreme leap of faith it takes to cross the line and “name the Jew”. One must risk so much in today’s society to make that leap of faith, but the greater the risk, the greater the reward.

    8. alex Says:

      Fred Reed is extremely intelligent, very highly educated, exceptionally well traveled. He prowed the Pentagon and the mean streets of the capital, as well as the bush. He is a veteran of the newsroom. He knows the reality of jewish power better than any White Nationalist trying to piece things together from the outside.

      I assure you, he is 100% aware of jewish power and the penalties incurred by crossing the jewline. The best he can summon in himself is to print the letters he did, and let his incomplete response hint at the real story.

      Us-them is a vital issue. If Reed is one of us, we have no hope.

      Standards must be maintained – you name the jew and declare yourself White, or you are not a White nationalist.

    9. Arch Says:

      Mark wrote:

      “We need not be such purists that if one is not 100% on board, he is at best useless and at worst the enemy. We seem to fight harder against those with whom we nearly agree than against those with whom we do not agree at all.”

      Think again Mark. I believe George Dubya Bush summed it up best when he said: Yer either for us or your agin’ us. Now what kosher speech writer do you think came up with that concept? Actually the true jewsih attitude is, If your jewsih you may be agin’ us, but if your not jewish then your obviously agin’ us. So why should white men be any different, why should white people tolerate those who do not work to expose the jew?

      Contrary to what Mark states, those who fail to name the jew are the enemy, such people are doing the white race a great disservice by assisting the jew in obscuring the real reason behind the problem.

      Let’s review,

      Treason: 1.Violation of allegiance toward one’s country or sovereign, especially the betrayal of one’s country by waging war against it or by consciously and purposely acting to aid its enemies. 2. A betrayal of trust or confidence.

      A traitor is guilty of aiding and abetting the enemy, does keeping the enemy hidden from view and refusing to expose his agenda count as aid? Is Fred betraying the white man’s trust and confidence by failing to inform them of the dangers presented by the jews, dangers of which he is fully aware? If you fail to understand the cause of the problem then there no chance of finding a solution. This very same situation is often seen in modern allopathic medical cures that typically address the patient’s symptoms while ignoring the true underlying cause of the medical condition. As with the jew, there is a sound reason for modern medicine doing so – it pays! Can you imaging your reaction if you found out your doctor had knowingly and intentionally hidden the real cause of a life threatening condition frorm you? What if your doctor assured you those chest pains were really nothing more then indigestion when his test proved other wise? Then consider if you found out that doctor had designs on you wife? Those who refuse to name the jew do the jews a great favor by keeping white people confused and uniformed as to who is causing the real problems in America, and their can be no doubt the Jews have designs on America.

      Mark then answers his own question “But just about all of my friends say exactly the same thing. They see the same problems I see, but cannot connect them to Jews.” This lack of connection is precisely why writers like Fred Reed should not go unchallenged. How will anyone ever make the connection if the subject is never addressed? From my point of view, the one thing that endlessly rankles me is that no one ever bothered to tell me about the jews. There were those who well knew what jews represented to my future, but never informed me of the dangers these vampires presented, for that I had to find out for myself. Gaining knowledge of the jew took over half my life and until I gained that knowledge I muddled around in a confused state, never understanding the reasons why America seemed so hostile to my race and my sex.
      There are occasions when I cannot help but wonder how much different my life might have been had I been properly armed with my current knowledge of the jews at a much younger age. How many ore young, white, men and women will suffer the depredations of the jews simply because people like Fred Reed refuse to properly address the subject and identify the perpe-traitors? Stick with the cart that delivers you to the market and forget about trying to find a ride in ones that have lost their wheels beside the road.


      Arch Stanton

    10. Mark Richards Says:

      This argument boils down to whether Fred knows about the Jews and is lying about it, or whether he genuinely doesn’t.

      OK, fine. Let’s assume he’s lying. Why should he do that? What has he got to lose now, at this point in his life, with the choices he has made? What will happen to him or his career if he speaks out?

      Fred has already skewered every other sacred cow. He would risk nothing by skewering this one, too. Yet you think he risks his credibility with his supporters by not offending people who probably hate him

    11. Glen Says:

      Some sacred cows are “more equal” than others. Jews are at the top of the list.

    12. SHMUELY Says:

      Bingo, Alex & Arch!
      People like Reed et al, serve a useful purpose in baby-stepping the unenlightened into the big nationalist tent, and serving them some fresh insight, which they can cut their baby teeth on. A lot of what people like Reed, Roberts, Taylor and many other “right wing” wonks say, is clearly of value in recruiting people, and especially, getting them to think about vital issues. It is understandable that that these people want to avoid direct clashes with the powers that be, in order to get out their (and many times, our) message while they can. They are doing many positive things, and not all of them are hopeless kosher conservatives, or false flag agents. They are fighting the same deluded and apathetic white mindset, which we are perpetually struggling to detoxify. Trying to save a mentally crippled people from themselves, is a herculean task. Thus, we have these entry level authors and organizations helping to clear the path to racial dynamism, which many of us have taken ourselves, at some point in our lives.
      Where these wonks cross the line, is when and where they actively go out of their way to lie about, or even defend the gross depredations of Organized Jewry. This is where we forcefully need to call them on the errors of their ways.

    13. alex Says:

      Fred has a persona, a web of associations, and a freelance career, all of which could be endangered if he strayed into Piercean territory. It’s a matter of degree. Fred is less dependent on the system than many writers, at this point. But that doesn’t mean he has an interest in cutting with it. His girlfriend is Mexican, and may well be part jew, too. Fred is no WN, no matter what else can be said about him.

      To say Fred is lying — well, lying is what his column amounts to, but it’s perhaps better described as refusing to see, refusing to make connections, making sport of those who do.

      It is no joke. And if you pose yourself as crazy ol’ truth-telling Fred, just a country boy who don’t know from slick, then you can be hauled up on that when you do in fact demonstrate you know from slick. Fred’s trying to slick his answer on the jew question, no way around it.

      I felt a variant of what Arch describes. I found particularly frustrating in college that while jews have complete institutional support, honest Aryans have nothing.

      Creating an infrastructure of our own is our mission, and anybody who even implies that the problem we fight doesn’t exist is not on our side. If Fred’s columns tend to dispose people favorably to WN, that is not Fred’s intent, so why praise him for it?

      Fred is not WN, his behavior shows that, and he publicly ridicules those who say jews destroyed America.

      He is not on our side.

    14. Shabbos Shabazz Says:

      by Rudyard Kipling

      It was not part of their blood,
      It came to them very late,
      With long arrears to make good,
      When the Saxon began to hate.

      They were not easily moved,
      They were icy — willing to wait
      Till every count should be proved,
      Ere the Saxon began to hate.

      Their voices were even and low.
      Their eyes were level and straight.
      There was neither sign nor show
      When the Saxon began to hate.

      It was not preached to the crowd.
      It was not taught by the state.
      No man spoke it aloud
      When the Saxon began to hate.

      It was not suddently bred.
      It will not swiftly abate.
      Through the chilled years ahead,
      When Time shall count from the date
      That the Saxon began to hate.

    15. john a. whiteman Says:

      Screw dead-in-the-head Fred Reed! He is a retired piglice officer from meXifornia who spends most of his time haning around south of the border on the turd-colored sand of mexico with his shitskinned girlfriend.

    16. Harry Tuttle Says:

      Fred Reed is the opposite of the cure.

      Remember, courage and intelligence do not necessarily occupy the same spots on the genetic strand. A person can be born with either in liberal amounts and be completely lacking in the other.

      Fred got a nice slice of intelligence, including enough brains to know what cowardice is. Fred knows perfectly well he is chickenshit, but he takes too much pleasure in asserting his intellectual superiority over the sheeple – he claims this is his virtue. Fred likes to give the impression he’s got it all figured out, but in reality there are big dark shadows he is afraid to step in.

      Reed is scared to name the Jew. He can sneer, ridicule or laugh derisively about it … and yet, his problem is that he is afraid. The man who claims to be too old and too drunk to fear anything is in fact pissing his pants at being approached by non-kosher approved types asking him reasonable questions. Reed in a nutshell is the entire intellectual class of white traitors in the United States. They’ve got more esteem than their own actions warrant. A condition common to niggers and jews.

    17. Carpenter Says:

      Funny thing is, in a relationship between a Mexican and a White, it is the Mexican who pushes her racial interests.