17 March, 2006

Mexi-trucks to Befoul California Air, and Yours Too

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This is pure treason. Call it NAFTA, free trade, what you will, it is nothing but a pure treasonous sell out of the interests of American citizens. The idea of letting in shitskins, the humanic weeds called Mexicans, and letting in their filthy, farting trucks – no honest leader would dream of allowing such. The entire Congress should be hanged for this monstrosity alone, and it is but one of hundreds that merit the gibbet.

California’s air-quality regulators say the imminent opening of the state’s freeways and ports to older, diesel-fueled Mexican trucks could produce a dramatic increase in toxic pollutants, a new source of smog equal to another 2.2 million cars on the road.


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    1. Olde Dutch Says:

      This Mexican truck invasion will kill one of the last decent paying semi-skilled jobs available to White American high school grads, and high school dropouts. Truck driving.

      Let’s also remember, not to buy the industry and trucking school propaganda, the average over the road driver only makes around $24,000 dollars a year & some basic benefits, according to most government and industry statistics. Not exactly high pay, and, prestige!

      By flooding the labor market with Mexican and other Central American drivers & trucks, in no time wages will approach minimum wage.

      Naturally, safety and health standards will go to hell too!

    2. CA DMV Says:

      It’s a two-fer!!! Not only do greedy corporations save money with chimps hauling goods hither and yon, but the horrible skills of mexican drivers will kill even more innocent humans on the highways. You can picture Abe Foxman sitting in the living room, fly open, rubbing one out anytime he sees a white killed by one of these mokes who could barely handle a spear.

      Anyone here in S. Cal can tell you how horrible the bean doggers are behind the wheel. Now we can see the damage multitplied a hundred fold by loads of old tires, cans of tuna, cheap Chinese goods and sack after sack of tortillas lending new meaning to the term “high mass” when a taco bender’s truck rams white mom, dad, and kids on their way to zhid appropriated Disneyland.

      In the long run, worse is better Alex. Worse is better.

    3. Martin Diaz Says:

      Funny little guys. How’s that a globalized and dependant United States could only export war everywhere, demand resources from the rest of the world and not have to open its doors, not even a little bit?

      I guess that to understand the globalized economy that has benefited so much the US would require a human IQ.

      Enjoy globalized US: it started when Gorge Washingon fell in love with his AfroAmerican slave.


    4. Anglo Saxon Is True Israel Says:

      George Washington never fell in love with a black slave, that is more lies from the synagogue of satan Jews, who are foremost in re-writing American history.

    5. alex Says:

      I hope mexico invades the country to get rid of people like you… VIVA MEXICO!