22 March, 2006

Movie Review: ‘The Hills Have Eyes’

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Hillseyes.jpg I have always been a fan of horror, and science fiction movies. Therefore, I paid a visit to the local movie theatre Saturday night to watch a horror movie entitled “The Hills Have Eyes”. This is a remake of the earlier (1977) movie, which I have not seen.

Well, I went to the theatre expecting to be frightened, and I was. However, I was sorely chagrined. This is why. Firstly, it was a gory movie. I don’t like gory movies a la horror slashers. I didn’t expect the movie to be of this sort. Gory movies are sick, and part and parcel of the ubiquitous, and all-encompassing, degeneracy of this day and age. As expected, the movie became one killing scene after another, and I was grossed out the whole time.

After the initial scene showing the gruesome murder of three men from an environmental agency, the camera switched to a modern family trekking through the desert in an SUV with a camper hitched to the back. The typical dysfunctional family unit depiction ensued. The siblings were three: the slutty, “I-hate-my-life”, pot-smoking, blonde, teenage daughter who sleeps with niggers; the brother who’s a nerd; and the eldest daughter, who has a 6-month-old daughter. The latter sibling has her hippy-liberal-commie hubby in the camper with the baby. The parents of the offspring are dominated by an obnoxious, jingoistic, gun-toting, cop father, and a “can’t-we-all-just-get-along” ex-hippy, liberal, coon-craving mother. You must understand that the normal White family is out, and has been out for generations, as portrayed through Hollywood’s Jewish eyes. There’s a purpose for everything, never doubt!

Well, it turns out that a gas station owner purposefully gives them the wrong direction towards San Diego, because the married daughter saw some stolen goods in his back room. They traverse down the ill-fortuned road, and their tires are punctured by one of the murderous denizens of the desert. Their SUV is totalled, and the father totes his gun in search of help in the direction of the gas station, while the peace-nik son-in-law goes in search of succour in the opposite direction. The baddies get the daddy, while the camera shows the gun-loathing, girly-man son-in-law walking through the desert with his upper buttons wide open PROMINENTLY EXPOSING HIS STAR OF DAVID NECKLACE!!! This was not coincidence, but COHENcidence! Now, the discerning movie-watcher will realize why this was done. Incidentally, I highly doubt that the original 1977 production featured this scene.

Well, the bad guys attack, and there are grotesque and unnervingly decadent burning-alive-of-daddy, attempted-rape and killing scenes. Apparently, the bad guys are monstrous due to decades of radioactive test-bombing in the desert. And of course, the head bad guy speaks with a full-fledged Southern “cracker” accent and has piercing blue eyes. The deformed beasts (all White, of course, no diversity here; more about this anon) take the baby, and Mr. Pansy-Jew, nerdy kid, and blonde, nigger-sleeping slut go on the warpath.

The hero of the movie is – of course – (drum roll, please!) the Jew. He goes armed with a bat and the family dog (ironically, a male German sheppard that was used by Germans to hunt their Jewish enemies!) to retrieve the baby. He, the cowardly shtetl-Jew-turned-heroic-“Never Again!”-IDF-soldier, is bludgeoned repeatedly but triumphs in getting the baby back. You must realize that his Jewishness was brought brazenly and stridently to our attention in order to “smash our stereotypes” of the weak, Marxoid Jew.

Oh perfidy, thy name is Jew!

Of great interest, too, was the portrayal of the village of the maniacal mutants. Funny how when it comes to bad guys, there ain’t no diversity. EVERY SINGLE MEMBER of the hamlet was White. Oh, and GAS what? They were cannibals to boot! In his first foiled attempt at grabbing the baby, our valiant Son-of-Zion is beat over the head and wakes up in a food-storage container filled with a human head, and limbs! Immediately, I thought of the inversion of truth. Whites depicted as sadistic, inbred, horrificly ugly, cannibalistic murderers with Nordic features that spoke in a Southern drawl!

What mendacity!

Blacks fit that stereotype to a “t”!

There are numerous historical volumes that attest to Congoid cannibalistic practices, where fetish altars were dripping with human blood and bowels, and deep pits were filled to the brim with sacrificed blacks that were not quite dead, but eviscerated and groaning in abject pain and suffering.

Blacks cannibalize one another, not Whites!

Blacks are breaking into private homes, killing, and raping Whites EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THE YEAR!

The crimes done by Whites in the desert are cosmically insignificant compared to the violent acts committed by blacks in our cities and suburbs.

What utter nonsense!

Anger aside, for the moment, the Jew saves the day while Whites are made to look abysmally bad.

The end.

I think Wes Craven and cohorts deserve a well-earned kick in the head with DAS BOOT.


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    1. Antagonistes Says:


      So true, about the Jew!

      The media and the press portrayals of heroic Jews and noble blacks and their consequent portrayal of degenerate Whites was very instrumental in my awakening!

      In addition, I have seen the press positively advocate and encourage (not merely report) various things that hasten and contribute to the decline of Whites, both physically and morally.

      Once you see it, you wonder how you could have missed it!

    2. alex Says:

      That is quite true – once you see what they’re doing, you can’t go back to the old ways. The truth is a burden, but a liberating burden.

      As we saw in the review of Mel Gibson’s “Passion” and the hoopla surrounding its production, lower on this page, the jews only produce a fraction of the movies they could produce. They want a comparatively few films, all pushing their message, to come out each year, and the stifle competition by refusing distribution and funding, EVEN WHEN THEY KNOW THE MOVIE WOULD MAKE A PROFIT. That’s the key. If we had an intellectually consistent, or simply honest, left, it would address that point. The jews left more than a billion dollars on the table by not funding/distributing “Passion,” yet no leftist has acknowledged the intellectually unavoidable question of why that is, given the leftist theory that corporations-seeking-profit explains the movie, and every other, industry.

      Left and right are both shams: the truth is race dominates everything. Race explains which pictures are funded/produced/distributed and why.

    3. Naser Says:

      Umm… I have been an afficnido of Third reich since I started reading about the whole thing. But still, one thing thats quite confusing is that how can you guys classify people according to their race? I mean, sure I too think that there is some kind of jewish influence in everything being done in USA, but still not every jew can be..well.. BAD. Withough, jews and their filthy knowledge, this blog might not even exist (advanced algorythm )….like without muslims much of the western knowledge these days would be just blank sheet of paper (remember the middle ages)…same goes for christians too… Now onto african-americans…sure that most of the afro-american community are often aggrevated to commit certain crimes that have become quite a cliche to their race. But we must remember that its because they were made to live in such conditions that they were obliged to become aggressive, adept in stealing and trafficking…after all, afro-americans did’t come to North America on their own…they were “MADE” to come their thorough slavery corps that unfortunately were operated by whites only…

      Still, National Socialism intrigues me quite a lot… I do love some of the concepts, but the whole thing about race is just not quite to my liking (no hard feelings) :) There’s scientific validy behind racial hybridization too…. without racial hybridization, the human race would suffer from many terminal disease and deformity caused by inbreeding…. you wouldn’t want a deformed organ, would you? So, if any race are to be hated, let them be hated in the after life… if god really hates those Jews, then they will indeed burn as thy have promised.

    4. Johnny Rotten Says:

      Niggers are pre-disposed for committing crime. They have on average an IQ of 65 and even in un-touched by evil whitey Africunt, they kill, rape, torture and EAT one another. Also within their time on this planet have not once developed anything of significance. Jews are racialy conscious. When it suits them and their interests they will admit to being a race and not just a religion. Otherwise Mums the word….or Matzoh. Racial hybrids are actualy NOT up-breeding. Think of all the genetic defects blacks have such as cycle cell anemia, and high rates of heart disease. These would be passed on through even mixed blood children. Also, Mullatos are not a race in any way shape or form. Correct me if I am wrong but should a mongeral require say a bone marrow or organ transplant, there would be no suitable donor due to the fact that he/she is litteraly an abomination. You take milk and add shit you get light colored shit. Without fully european men and women we would not have the scientific advancements we have today. You can claim that Asians are at the forefront of technology yet even that is due to the evil white man laying down the groundwork first. Asians typicaly take the ball and run with it. However, with their racial homogeniety, they have common interests and goals to strive towards and dedicate their energy and time into improving their society….with the exception of those run by Kike inspired communist dictatorships. If whites had the same living situation AS THEY ONCE HAD! …. perhaps we could be seeing technology of the Star Trek variety on the near horizon and not off in the distant future.

    5. simone Says:

      You people are disgusting degenerates. I’m a Jew. And I’m definetly smarter and better than you in every way possible.

    6. Haman Says:

      Thank you jew for proving our point.