15 May, 2006

Multiculturalism And Alligators

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Multiculturalism And Alligators

Better Than NASCAR

By Fred Reed

May 12, 2006

It is possible to derive an ashen satisfaction from watching really stupid people dancing on a tight rope over a den of alligators. At each resounding dental snap one yells “Yeeeeeeeee-ha! Told you so!� and reaches for another beer.

It makes a better Saturday night than a six pack and a bug zapper.

From the Washington Post: “Nearly half of the nation’s children under 5 are racial or ethnic minorities, and the percentage is increasing mainly because the Hispanic population is growing so rapidly, according to a census report released today.â€?

Now in newspaper parlance, “minorities� means “permanently underperforming and inassimilable minorities,� which is to say blacks, Latinos and, when anybody remembers, American Indians. It very seldom means successful minorities, such as Chinese, Greeks, white men, Jews, or Anglo-Saxons.

As we look forward to a massive slewing away from the dominance of European whites in America, what may we expect? What will these huge minority populations do? It is instructive to look at what they have done so far.

Some thirteen percent of the country is now black, and thirteen percent Latino: over a quarter in all. Blacks remain intractably far below the white population academically. An astounding proportion can’t read, and of those who can, few do. The gap hasn’t closed, despite Head Start, integrated schools, segregated schools, more funding, welfare, black teachers, black school boards, black mayors, remedial instruction, or anything else.

The gap appears on every known test of mental capacity or scholarly achievement—SATs, GREs, ACT, LSATs, MedCats, Stanford-Binet, Wechsler, Raven’s matrices. Nothing makes a difference. Everything has been tried. Because of this, we got affirmative action or, as kids once said, make believe.

Further, blacks are not assimilating. Despite pushing, shoving, laws, legislation, regulation, and relentless indoctrination, the races are not melding at a rate that will produce results any time soon. The huge black necrotic regions of the cities, that whites never see, are so big and isolated as to be impervious to outside influence. If you have not spent time in police cars in such places, you cannot imagine the hopelessness and hatred that brood there. If you think that “hatred� is too hard a word, go look. I have. Whether the hatred is justified doesn’t matter. It exists.

Yes, I will be called a racist for saying these things. I hope so. Today, “racistâ€? means “one who says what everybody else knows.â€? It is a badge of intellectual honor. Nonetheless, it remains that if I could change any of these conditions, I would. I don’t enjoy seeing people in lousy circumstance. I just don’t know what to do about it. Neither does anyone else.

Now, Latinos. Americans seem to think that the word denotes one kind of people, namely Mexicans, conceived as sitting torpidly under cactuses while wearing sombreros. Actually the variety of Latinos is great, from Argentines who amount to Europeans to Bolivians who are Indians. The Latinos coming into America are heavily Indian and uneducated. Mexican ophthalmologists do not swim the river. Mexicans who can make a decent living do not want to live in the United States. Thus the US gets the losers, the second-grade educations, people who on average have neither the intellect nor the urge to study. Yes, there are exceptions. But they are exceptions.

Everyone says, “But the Hispanics work hard.� They do indeed, in the first generation. Many people in fields such as construction have told me that the Latinos are the backbone of their operations, that blacks don’t want to work, have attitudes, show up if they feel like it and quit without warning. The Latinos work, now. Their children do terribly in school, however, drop out, and lose the desire to work. Then they join gangs.

Nice white people don’t know about gangs. Maybe they think of West Side Story. I used to ride in Chicago, with the PD and with the South Side Gang Initiative, a federally funded program in the rotting satellite cities, Markham, Robbins, and Fort Ord. I saw the gangs. There were the Black Gangster Disciples, the Vice Lords, the Latin Kings, the Latin Cobras, the P Stones, the El Ruykins who came out of the old Blackstone Rangers and, earlier, Blackstone Raiders. They aren’t the Jets, people. They’re killers. And they loathe white America.

I once interviewed a ranking Vice Lord in the Cook Country Jail. Why, I asked, did blacks kill each other so much? “They’d rather kill whites,â€? he answered, “but they know they’d lose.â€? There’s a lot of that. When I left Washington four years ago, Mara Salvatrucha (look on the web) was appearing in Arlington, Virginia, and now their graffiti are show up in Springfield, Virginia.

Law enforcement in America relies on having a white population that is mostly law-abiding. It has no good way of responding to large numbers of violent criminals, especially when they are backed by politically potent voting blocs. The crucial question, or a crucial question, is what proportion of the new minorities will fall into the permanent underclass? How much permanent underclass can the nation stand?

Another crucial question is this: If half the children today are of minorities, then in no more than eighteen years half the kids of college age will be. Unless they show a sudden scholarly afflatus which has not heretofore been in evidence, this means that soon the US will have to compete with China with the brains of only half the nation. This is not to mention secondary effects, such as enstupidating all schools to hide the failures of the minorities. Do you suppose that the Chinese are doing that?

Now, from the same story in the Washington Post, this: “William H. Frey, a demographer with the Brookings Institution, predicted that the United States will have ‘a multicultural population that will probably be more tolerant, accommodating to other races and more able to succeed in a global economy.'”

How heart-warming. I suggest that William H. Frey is a thoroughgoing fool, but this is common among academics.The whole touchy-feely multy-culty idea that forcing people together will make them love one another, kum bah yah, is simply wrong. Right now, there is a tremendous repressed hostility between blacks and whites, the lid being held on by federal power, tight control of the press, and rigorous political correctness. Whites, huge numbers of them, detest Latino immigrants and would love to expel them from the country. Serious friction grows between blacks and Latinos as Latinos push blacks out of regions they once controlled. We’re not moving toward accommodation. We’re moving toward trouble.

What will happen as the economy declines and the minorities continue growing in number? As they continue demanding through political power what they cannot obtain on their merits? As standards of living drop, and the pie isn’t creamy enough to give everyone juicy freebies?

It will be nothing if not entertaining. Bring it on. Love them alligators.

Fred on Everything

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    1. Lutjens Says:

      Yeah bring it on. We’ll be building walls around our cities. Escape from Jew York, anyone?

    2. Walter Ring Says:

      A well written article. If Whites would join the best gang of all, that is the White race gang, and stick up for themselves and each other, this mess would be cleaned up in a matter of weeks. White Solidarity.

    3. Carpenter Says:

      Read it all without looking at the author’s name, liking it, surprised to see at the end that Fred Reed wrote it. So he can still write without scoffing at stupid Whitey and praising the Chicanos.

      “Do you suppose that the Chinese are doing that?” Pretty funny. How they must marvel at the speed with which their curse, the Occident that came and upset their tyrannic millennia-old peace, has destroyed itself. Sure, the Chinese set out to follow Mao the Murderer and killed about sixty million of their own kind, but here they are now, still racially intact, and that’s what will carry the day.

      Are their leaders aware of the Jews, I wonder? Do they know the face of the parasite that has destroyed their arch rival for them?

      Fred Reed paints a potent picture of Brazil North, a nation under permanent siege from within, where you live behind walls or die, where your little girls are sometimes raped on their way home from school and you accept that as the price you’re all paying. But for those who don’t want to live the way the Portuguese do in Brazil, what can be done? I think that in fifty years things will be more like Bosnia than Brazil, both in the U.S. and in most of Europe.

      …possibly not in Canada. I just can’t see Canadians ever getting their act together.

    4. Mark Says:

      From what I’ve read from Fred, especially one article about his views on women, specifically Western or white women, he is more of an elitist than a racialist. I think he himself has/had an Asian bride, and furthermore recommends to men to get an Asian wife because they’re more traditional.

      “Further, blacks are not assimilating. Despite pushing, shoving, laws, legislation, regulation, and relentless indoctrination, the races are not melding at a rate that will produce results any time soon.”

      The divide is too great. Much of the black identity is rebellion to everything white, purposely doing the opposite, and taking pride in it. To “assimilate” with blacks is to become like them, and who the hell wants that?

      Fortunately they aren’t assimilating, and the races aren’t melding.

      People like Fred miss the mark. It’s not merely about equality. If blacks and whites have similar IQs (there’s about a 20% crossover) should they be viewed as the same and interbreed? Of course not. It’s about history, heritage, honoring your ancestors, having an identity besides being a mere consumer and hedonist.

    5. jimbo Says:

      *“Some thirteen percent of the country is now black, and thirteen percent Latino: over a quarter in all *

      perhaps the white population should be concentrating more on
      reproducing than NASCAR?

      *“Blacks remain intractably far below the white population academically. An astounding proportion can’t read, and of those who can, few do. The gap hasn’t closed, despite Head Start, integrated schools, segregated schools, more funding, welfare, black teachers, black school boards, black mayors, remedial instruction or anything else.
      ……The gap appears on every known test of mental capacity or scholarly achievement—SATs, GREs, ACT, LSATs, MedCats, Stanford-Binet, Wechsler, Raven’s matrices. Nothing makes a difference. Everything has been tried. Because of this, we got affirmative action or, as kids once said, make believe”

      when the white population declines/dies, who is going to run all that ‘high-tech’ infracture? ‘Affirmative action’ niggas with ‘affirmative action’ `degrees` ain’t gunna cut it….guess we’re gunna see ‘planes falling out of the sky, bridges collapsing, domestic electrical appliances exploding and patients dying on the operating table en masse
      as for ‘military adventurism’ like invading Iran and the rest of the ‘oil nations’, how’s that gunna work when ZOG-mil hasn’t got any-one of sufficient intelligence to operate advanced military hard-ware?
      Perhaps the Jew World Order has blown its own hoof off here?

      “Today, ‘racist’ means ‘one who says what everybody else knows’ “

      hasn’t it always?

    6. karakazov Says:

      Fuck this bullshitter. “High achieving minorities like Jews,” my ass.

      Yeah, black and mexicans suck. I already knew that. As previously illustrated by Alex on occasion, Reed is a bullshitter who has no love for or loyalty to the white race. He thus refuses to address beyond tangentially the causes, conditions, and arguments that concern a nationalist of European descent. An elitist, rather than a racist, as long as the elite includes him, is a good way to put it. Perhaps an individualist with loyalty to nothing beyond himself. What’s his conclusion? “It will be nothing if not entertaining.” Whee!

    7. Coup d'Etat Says:

      …”successful minorities, such as Chinese, Greeks, white men, Jews, or Anglo-Saxons.”

      For the most part Fred’s article was okay. But, I too have to question Fred’s integrity. Since when did White men happen to be separate from Anglo-Saxons? Why is this separated out in the sentence? I would hardly call jews successful even in an objective way. Fred may have personal feelings about jews? The only success jews have are ruining nations. Other than that they are not leaders in any way. Jews by nature are middlemen, making and stealing money from the host country they have invaded.

      What is Fred thinking, especially when he favors Asian women over light haired-light eyed women?

    8. Antagonistes Says:

      Karakazov, I did not see the words, “high achieving minorities like Jews” anywhere in this article.(?) Like you, though, I am tired of the hype.

      Has anyone read, The Frontiersman by Alan Eckert? It is the true story of Simon Kenton, the Kentucky-country Indian fighter. Read it, if you have time.

      Our whole nation is now becoming “Kan-tuc-kee”–the dark and bloody ground.

      Read it and see what Whites like Simon Kenton, Robert Rogers, and Daniel Boone can do.

      Also see what White traitors like Marmaduke van Swearingen, later known as Blue Jacket, War Chief of the Shawnees, can do to their own people.

      Read it, then learn to throw the ‘hawk (which is really a European weapon), the Bowie knife, and shoot the modern weapons. Your family may depend on it!

    9. apollonian Says:

      Reed Deals In Mere Platitudes Without Context
      (Apollonian, 16 May 06)

      So Fred Reed above concludes (3rd to last paragraph), “we’re moving toward trouble.” Brilliant deduction Fred, I say, as Fred describes perceptions within cyclic phase of historic development and Spengler’s “Decline of the West.” Also of course Orwellian “perpetual war for perp. peace.”

      Observe one thing to take pressure off civilization and psychology immediately and effectively is FORGIVENESS OF ALL DEBTS.

      One thing still plaguing culture-economy is lack of sufficient antisemitism–which can almost by itself be worshipped as cultural value, principle, ideal, and great positive virtue. The only other clear aesthetic would be that of utmost RATIONALISM. In such case as rationalism then a great heresy, “Judeo-Christianity” (JC–see Whtt.org) would be disabled which allows and encourages criminal insanity and co-conspiracy with topmost Judeo-oligarchs of such as Council on Foreign Relations (CFR–see JBS.org).

      Don’t forget I’ve already noted resemblance between G. W. Bush II, present USA President, working for the CFR, and Ken Lay, famous devious CEO of ENRON. (See also Michael Collins Piper’s “The New Jerusalem.”) And New Testament (NT) contains excellent, most informative and useful, conspiracy theory.

      Reed is irrelevant as we see the free internet gives us quite enough information to show and verify the absolute dominance of the Judeo-oligarchal (CFR) conspiracy, winning all the great and glorious battles reported on by the mass corporate “Jews-media.”

      CONCLUSION: We patriots must rely upon honesty and logic, especially INDUCTION. And we speak to the most rational among the people in manner of health and good will and spirit. Thus do we work for cultural resurgence, always upholding utmost antisemitic standards. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

    10. van helsing Says:

      I have read a lot of Fred and he seems to favor non-white women because they act like women instead of acting like guys with tits.

    11. Mark Says:

      “van helsing Says:

      The 16th of May, 2006 at 6:02 pm

      I have read a lot of Fred and he seems to favor non-white women because they act like women instead of acting like guys with tits.”

      While true to some degree, what choice do you have? Deal with many rude and arrogant white women, or race-mix? No one said it would be easy. I for one know first-hand that many of these feminists can be rehabilitated.

      There are many white women to choose from, there is no excuse to race-mix. If you want a foreign bride go to Europe.

      Fred’s wit can be entertaining, but I’m sick of these degenerates and cowards who take the path of least resistance and sell out their people.

    12. Harry Tuttle Says:

      White women increasingly show evidence of something much more profound having befallen them. Any creature so easily conditioned to hate its own kind should not have a genetic future. By reproducing many of these white women you will be propagating genes with inherent weaknesses.

      I don’t believe all of that “it’s all the media” crap. Nah. I think that critter was already ailing before the opportunist parasite got into it. I think its immune system was already compromised biologically at some point.

      A lot of these white girls, you have children with them you are just bringing up weaklings and fools for the next few generations who don’t show the right stuff.

      50% of the white women I see won’t have children and they shouldn’t. They are botched genetic dead ends and their kids will be less in all likelihood.

      May sound crazy, except I think it is true. I think a lot of these white women should get their wish – either be left to die as spinsters or else turned over to niggers for gang bangs. You can tell just by listening to them and looking at them they long ago abandoned all their self-respect. All that hatred of men and vilification of white males is simply bad genes expressing themselves. I don’t care what’s on TV, there is something wrong with a gal that buys that crap.

    13. apollonian Says:

      Conspiracy Theory And Darwin, Spengler, Hegel
      (Apollonian, 17 May 06)

      Well Harry, isn’t it all mere Darwinian evolution? After so many (population growth), built upon success of ancestors for hundreds of years, there were so many white folks they started mass-murdering one another–is that a mark of cultural “success”? Jews and oligarchal accomplices are such excellent “brokers” of such political-economic activity, Orwellian “perpetual war.” Such is Spenglerian, cyclic historic, “Decline of the West.”

      Thus with free internet we descry Jews and accomplices, like Council on Foreign Relations (CFR–see JBS.org) at topmost conspiratorial position, along with their footsoldiers, “Janissaries” of modern-day, like present “Judeo-Christians” (JCs–see Whtt.org) who support G. W. Bush II, front-man for CFR, the fools.

      Hence we observe the parallel of Bush II with Ken Lay, CEO of ENRON (formerly), treason sold on the market.

      CONCLUSION: Thus we see empire must be dismantled technically, power reverting to “states’ rights” status of before–but how will this de-centralization take place? Cultural implications are tremendous; Jews and accomplices could lose much if they lost JCs, surely, a failure in “consumer confidence.” Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

    14. Sandor Says:

      Fred is a great Uncle Remus-style storyteller, and nothing more. In his “I am not an anti-semite” testimonial / column, he mentions that his mexican girl has jewish ancestry. That’s how he keeps himself tethered to mainstream outlets like LRC, where he can beg readers to “feed fred”. Fred is now veering towards the white side of the street. Perhaps he sees something coming, and fears (but who would bother, really) a trotsky-style mexican visit.

    15. George Crane Says:

      Alex, can the alligators in Florida be trained to prefer ‘dark meat’ just like some diners at Thanksgiving?

      They have been very active, lately, to an unprecedented degree, amongst female joggers and such, and could become useful in that role.


    16. jackumup Says:

      I’ve heard Alex say you have to be stupid to believe in Jesus Christ, and I’ve tried my best not to. However when you see and hear the dounle speak of the Jew and the rise to power of the demons (niggers) then you see the work first hand of satan. So how can you not believe. I don’t know the anserw how to solve it but the anserw is comming wheather anybody wants or not.

    17. Clifton Mitchell Says:

      Harry Tuttle – Well spoken Harry! I am a White man married to a Korean woman. She is my second wife- my first was also Korean and she passed away several years ago. I feel sorry for White Men who marry White Woman just to be true to their own race. In general Asian women are far superior in all ways to American women. They are more intelligent, possess a degree of common sense that American women can’t even fathom, and don’t get fat like American sows. They are also demure and much more mature than American woman can ever possibly become. Its very easy to be a “man” in the presence of Korean or Japanese women. I do know a few decent White women, but they are few and far between. There are scum among Asians also – Vietnamese and Thais are “Asian Niggers”. What gets me is that I am much more of a racist, better educated and by far more conscious of the jew pestilence than the average White racist, but I can never be accepted by my fellow Aryans because I am married to a Korean. 88

    18. GEORGE CRANE Says:

      Bro. Clifton Mitchell, don’t give up yet!

      The White Nation, as a political entity, is a separate matter from a man’s own personal and sexual life.

      I, for one, am an Aryan, demanding a White Nation, who accepts you fully.

      We cannot ‘disown’ the thousands of superb Naval and Army officers now — some of our very best men — who have Asian wives.

      The White Nation must survive. Whom you and I sleep with, as preference or convenience or necessity, is really not that important to the long-term goal.

      I don’t believe T. Jefferson would have prohibited a White man from marrying the mate of his choice. He certainly, during his presidency, did not ban couplings with Indians, which obviously included even the guide Charboneau with the Lewis-Clark party. (He had TWO Indian wives.) Jefferson must have known about that and a myriad of others, including the romantic story of John Smith and Pocahontas, which was taught even to very young American students in the 1700’s and 1800’s!

      The First Fuehrer accepted and welcomed the Japanese as a declared ‘ally’. That’s all I need to know. He would not have done so, if their women were objectionable to our men, sexually, in any way. I trust the First Fuehrer, as a rare 1,000-year White genius, absolutely.

      Keep the faith, as the New White Nation unfolds, and ….


    19. Carpenter Says:

      What gets me is that I am much more of a racist, better educated and by far more conscious of the jew pestilence than the average White racist, but I can never be accepted by my fellow Aryans because I am married to a Korean. 88

      Aww! You well-educated, superior middle-classer you! Why shouldn’t you be allowed to pick and choose from the anti-White ideological plate as you please? If you are Jew-aware and curse at the Blacks from time to time when watching television, surely that more than enough makes up for your putting non-White children into the world.

      Your rationalizations aside, Asian women are not acceptable breeding stock simply for having a slightly higher IQ average. What a stupid, anti-scientific comment. And I don’t think you even thought of the IQ averages, I think you were equating intelligence with feminine behavior and more conservative values. A real Jew-aware man would understand the direct attack on White identity that is seeping out from television, a constant use of the Holocaust ™, slavery and other pick-and-choosing from history in order to demoralize Whites specifically. Not the other races. That is why Whites have been hit the hardest by far by the Jews’ agenda, which has molded us into an untraditional people.

      So no, your slanty-eyed piece of ass does not have some innate superiority – in fact, her inferior race lacks the creativity (their higher IQ average being the result of extra marks from the mathematical half of the brain only, while the creative half is underdeveloped – seen many Asian comedians lately?) and high IQ outliers needed to produce enough of the geniuses that have brought us White science; just look at how the East Asians wasted millennias of stable, cruel ant-hill tyranny when they had all the chances in the world of inventing the steam engine but didn’t. But I bet her short height and thinner frame makes you feel superior in a very comfortable and manly way. Then you can look down at all the unwashed White rubes who aren’t as cosmopolitan as yourself – the uneducated rabble, why would you ever join such undesirables in saving the White race? Better to care for yourself only, no need to risk anything, bro. Oh, but keep one foot in each camp, just to be on the safe side.

    20. whiteskelet Says:

      Miscegenation apologists here?! What about the children, dudes? Do you call them Whites? You’re killing the race, just like those women breeding with monkeys, except it’s worse.

    21. Jackumup Says:

      white woman are much better than thier asian counter parts, but much like the white man years of jewish influince has caused a shallow belief system and the erasing of historical values and morals. Rather than seek obidient servents should we not fight to reestablish the tribe that brought the human race and world so much and supress the children of the under world.

    22. van helsing Says:

      Gators would do better work in flooded cities… But then again in my experience, blacks in particular do not go in for water sports (not even competitive swimming). Partly due to fear of water perhaps… also because they cant afford (or steal) (or maintain) any of the associated equipment.


      I do think there is a connection between white flight (from the cities) and increasing numbers of fatal encounters with wild animals.

    23. George Crane Says:

      (1) “America,” if you send your very best young, high-testosterone males — in the prime of their lives — to work 100-hour weeks in Japan and Korea, to pull duty (for YOU!) on your holidays, and to spend years at a time away from the White homeland, which, thanks mostly to the ‘Christian’ influence, makes commercial sex “illegal,” how do you expect them to have a normal human sex life?

      (2) The very low number of naturally-occuring marriages with Asians which would have resulted, under normal circumstances, HAD NOT the jews propelled “America” [ZOG] into the varous unnecessary, unConstitutional, and immoral Asian wars or “conflicts” — since 1950 — would NEVER have been any threat to the White Nation as a political entity. (Let’s let those men alone, and have compassion for their circumstances of isolation.)


    24. Carpenter Says:

      George Crane:

      (1) Is that an excuse for marrying non-Whites?

      (2) Is that an excuse for marrying non-Whites?

    25. George Crane Says:

      YES and YES. Here’s why:

      (1) Earlier generations of ‘Christians’ were not so block-headed and contrary-to-nature as are today’s ‘Christians.’ Both my grandmothers married at 16. My mother, in 1953, married at age 15 (to a much older man). You may recall that ‘Brother’ Brigham Young admonished young men not to wait much beyond age 16 before taking on the responsibilities of marriage, and for girls, Rev. Young advised no later than age 14. I believe the earlier generations of ‘Christians,’ in particular, were correct, and the present generations are lost.

      Add to that, the First Fuehrer, of blessed memory, writes in MEIN KAMPF that, to paraphrase, while in a perfect White world, prostitution might be unnecessary, he understood its social functioning, and recommended the best course to combat it as EARLY MARRIAGE!

      (2) In my personal experience, I was, from age 22 to age 30 a United States active duty, regular, Army officer, ‘serving my country,’ (i.e., YOU), at great hardship, sacrifice, and danger to myself. As a healthy, patriotic, non-drug user, I had a new car, a 3-bedroom house, a good salary with considerable savings, and my own private airplane. During that time period, I was turned down for even a DINNER DATE by 100 White females — what few I could meet on that kind of grueling work schedule (80% of the year ‘in the field’. I used to keep count of the rejections.) Do you know what that DOES to a young male? Some of the White females commented openly on our ‘short hair,’ which, in the early 1980’s, was wildly out of step with American civilian society. (One friend commented, accurately, that we in the Army’s Rapid Deployment Force had the hairstyle of queers!) After 100 rejections of your spoiled, superficial, drug-using ME-ME-ME, jew-TV-brainwashed shallow brats, YES, I turned to Asian women for some simple human comfort in an exceedingly lonely life on behalf of my ‘fellow Americans ‘ — may the ungrateful rot in Hell!

      (3) Asian females of today are the CLOSEST in family values to my grandmothers and prior generations. They ASSUME they will cook, clean, be wives, create a real home, ‘take care of their man,’ — all the values that your mouthing-off, back-talking, 200-pound drug-using White brats have lost and given up to jew feminism.

      There are more reasons than this, but this is a beginning on the subject.

      Where are the ‘SS’ women, who considered it an honor to marry a high-quality White male? It takes a Fuehrer to accomplish that change of mindset. If I had known or met any, during those critical years of youth, my life would have been entirely different.

      GEORGE CRANE, a realist

    26. whiteskelet Says:

      Yes, Asian women may be nice, but:
      1. They belong to Asian men (ethics)
      2. What about the children? (race)
      Family values come and go with generations, not so the race.

    27. Clifton Mitchell Says:

      George Crane – I sincerely appreciate your comments and truly you are a realist. Carpenter evidently thinks that I am a superficial, smug, elitist, hypocrite. Not the case at all Mr. Carpenter! I was a poor country boy (out house and no indoor plumbing), and a high school drop-out when I enlisted in the Army at age 17 in 1958. I was in Korea at age 18, and met and married my first wife there a few years later. Had I gone to Germany instead, I probably would have married a German woman. Those who denigrate Asian women, especially Korean and Japanese, simply have no appreciation for what wonderful wives, mothers,, and companions they make. I served in the Army for 20 years, 13 of which I spent overseas, including multiple tours of duty in Korea and Germany, and a combat tour in Vietnam. During that time I finished high school and got a B.A.. I also studied Russian and Korean at the Defense Language Institute, and am proficient in both languages. The GI Bill paid for my Master’s from TCU after I retired from the Army. I am now twice retired and am a partially disabled veteran due to action in Vietnam. As for my children, they are inbued with the values that my Korean wife and I instilled in them. They are all married (to good whites), are self-sufficient, successful, and are of high ethical and moral character. My grandchildren are role models for their peers and friends, all of whom are white. I have been a race conscious person since childhood, and I greatly admire Hitler, GLR, Dr. Pierce, and Edgar Steele, among many others too numerous to name here. Mr. Carpenter mentioned something about my viewing television. Of course, I watch TV. A major tenet of warfare is, “know thy enemy”. What better way to learn about ZOG than to observe their antics on the electronic jew tube. Now Mr. Carpenter – may I ask – what sir, did you do during the (race) war? Notice that I do not use profanity, nor do I launch an ad hominem attack against you sir.

    28. apollonian Says:

      “Clifton Mitchell”–Little Too Smug By Half
      (Apollonian, 25 May 06)

      “Clifton” there’s no excuse for race-mixing which will come back to haunt–even if it takes 4 to 5 generations. (Ck Herodotus.) The height of ur ABSOLUTE INSANITY is ur calling ur race-mixed bastard progeny “white.” Like a Jew, u seek to subjectivistically “create” reality within ur mind.

      Cliff, u’re so smug u stink. Yes, race-mixed bastards can be good antisemites BUT NEVER WHITE, u poor, pathetic deluded monstrosity. The only thing that happens is the so-called “whites” who mate with ur bastard progeny are obviously the weakest of otherwise white race–they inevitably turn into drug-addicts and homosexuals.

      Tell us Cliff, do u think reality is determined or is there such thing as literally “free will”? Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

    29. George Crane Says:

      Mr. Clifton Mitchell, THANK YOU for your selfless public service, including overseas tours, combat, and being wounded! God Bless You, Brother!

      A DLI graduate? Superb! 88! Your abilities supercede your ‘disabilities’ by a 1,000 times! I, for one, will march beside YOU to re-establish the White Nation (for all our families), any day!

      Please IGNORE the ignorant detractors among White Nationalists (so far) who have NO IDEA what you’ve been through.

      Thank you again for your uniformed military service, which the majority of today’s “males” are not even capable of.

      Keep the faith & 88!

      former U.S. Army officer, R.A.
      (Rapid Deployment Force platoon leader)

    30. apollonian Says:

      Is History-Reality Truly Cyclic?
      (Apollonian, 26 May 06)

      That’s sure right George–like “Carpenter”–he really ought to be ignored more, I suspect, the ignorant son of a gun. Tell me, do u think history and reality are cyclic, as Spengler propounds? Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

    31. Clifton Mitchell Says:

      I perceive that thou art an “agent provocateur”. Methinks you are hiding your true identity. What’s your surname Apollonian? Could it be Shinwell, Ginzburg, Hirsch, Wolfowitz, Kuhn, Cohen, Isaacs, Simon, Liberman, or maybe Bronstein? Why is your appelation the adjectival form of Apollo? Are you an Apollonian Talmudist, or an Apollonian Zionist Jew, or an Apollonian satanic kike (or all of the aforementioned)? BTW, your bizarre writing style leans daintily toward the effeminate. Maybe your are a limp-wristed “girly-man”, or more likely just a covert queer seeking gratification with your supposed VNN buddies. I suggest you consider dropping APOLLONIAN and adopt APOLLYON (Rev 9:11) as your handle – it may be more appropriate. Regards!

    32. apollonian Says:

      Cliff Strikes Back Ruthlessly
      (Apollonian, 26 May 06)

      Gosh Clifton, u really know how to hurt a guy; just remember true antisemitism requires loyalty to truth, as well as race–they go together. We whites are formeost race of truth–it has real survival value. Subjectivististics like u, Cliff, are too easily duped and manipulated by Jews and gentile co-conspirators. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

    33. Yo Clifton! Says:

      Monsieur Mitchell,

      Bon vivant avec sa Imelda.

      Your assessment of the Aryan woman is well noted.

      Perhaps that noise you here in the early morning may well be that of the vengeful Valkyrie you have discarded like a Trojan at the Sooky-Seoul-buffet.

      Meanwhile, I be looking for you counter to ‘Our Race’ –


    34. March of the Titans Says:

      I have both of Fred Reed’s books. I reckon he is a funny bloke w/ a witty sense of humour.

      He does tend to go off on the feminists that are ubiquitous in the U.S. & unfortunately spreading throughout Western lands. He detests feminists the most….I do as well. I only like White women but I can understand his liking of Asian women…yuk.

      His new girlfriend is a true Mexican!!! :(

    35. Bob Hobb Says:

      It is good that willing whites are free to interbreed with the darkies. They are no loss.

      The genetic material of our race is currently passing through a mass of brown blotting paper, attracting and filtering out the inferior specimens.

      When the government stops working and the people grow angry enough, this foul, necrotic mass of genetic sludge will be expelled and we will be much the better for it.

      There are simply too many inferior, ill educated, low IQ whites. We need better racial hygene to provide the building blocks of a free white nation.