16 June, 2006

Released: 19th Broadcast of the Truth is No Defense

Posted by alex in Geoff Beck, VNN at 8:38 am | Permanent Link

Beck probes the meaning of events at Haditha, Iraq.

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Transcript: here

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  7. 4 Responses to “Released: 19th Broadcast of the Truth is No Defense”

    1. New America Says:

      Beck makes a good point, which is all the better in light of the greater issue:

      ALL of the wars we have fought in this century – WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and Iraq – have all been conflicts within the larger war, the eternal war, the RACE WAR.

      The Jews manipulated us into WWI and WWII SOLELY to benefit Judaism, whether it is the Jews quest for Palestine (WWII), or the Jews quest for, literally, world domination (WWII, where we (1) fought our European kinsmen (2) while fighting for, and with, Asiatic Bolshevism – Judaic Communism.

      I’ve pretty much had it with these old guys who brag about how they personally “beat Hitler’s ass.” Last week, when a guy I was working with was talking about Memorial Day, I just had it. I said, “Congratulations. You fought so Stalin could win, and that got us the Cold War, and the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. That’s just fucking great. Then, your worthless ass stood by when the government used armed forces to forcibly integrate our schools at bayonet point, then you stood by when your children’s economic future was sacrificed on the altar of Civil Rights and Affirmative Action, and THEN you sat on your fat ass while you grandchildren’s future was sacrificed on the altar of Globalization. Oh, as for you being a hero? Two thirds of you were drafted, and the other third faced eternal unemployment. Nothing heroic about ANY of that, is there?”

      New America!

      An Idea Whose Time Is Here!

    2. Vespesian Says:

      You forgot to mention the beaners’ invasion: Our patriot-tards fought the evil Nazis so that the mecicans can have a better future in our turf . Imagine if the Nazis had won the war. We would be speaking Germans instead of mecicans. Ha Ha Ha.

    3. whiteskelet Says:

      The Haditha story was brought to attention by (Jewish-controlled) Time Magazine, no?
      There’s something wrong here… I can’t believe ‘Jews’ tried to hush the story if other Jews made it a scoop.

    4. GB Says:


      It first appeared in the foriegn press where it played for some time. I first read about in a German newspaper then later one from Britain. It was later Time picked it up.

      If I’m not mistaken Al Jazeera also reported earlier than Time.