14 July, 2006

Hoffman on Sobran

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The Strange Case of Joe Sobran

by Michael A. Hoffman II

I am at present investigating the role of “Christian conservative” hero Antonin Scalia in the establishment of a Talmudic law academy for American judges and lawyers. This is a grave development and not all of the fault can be laid at the door of the usual suspects. “Conservative-Christian” attitudes toward the Talmud are mute with fear at best and downright supportive at worst.

It boils down to two factors: cowardice and insanity. Two of the top leaders of the John Birch Society are known to be knowledgeable about the role of the Talmud in the subversion of the West. Neither one will breathe a word about this vital truth in the publications of the organization they lead. After these men are retired from the Birch Society and no longer publish or edit the Society’s “New American” magazine, I predict they will attempt to educate the public about the Talmud. In other words, after their pension is safe and they have betrayed the power and responsibility which God has entrusted them with at present, they will, from the sidelines, fight the battle He charged them to wage while at the head of an influential and financially secure national organization. Woe unto such hirelings!

Then there is the strange case of Joe Sobran. Want of courage is not his vice. He electrified revisionism when he parted ways with the serpentine William F. Buckley. He won well-deserved plaudits from intellectual heavyweights like Hugh Kenner by the simultaneous moderation and cerebral power he exhibited in the course of his exchange with Buckley over the “anti-Semite” canard. Sobran is a wonderful writer, great company (in private he can regale companions with an encyclopedic fund of marvelous old baseball anecdotes); and a polished dinner speaker possessed of formidable charm and eloquence.

Mr. Sobran, like Pat Buchanan in former times, is viewed as a sage by the younger generation of revisionists and unreconstructed Christian intellectuals, who look to him for traditional wisdom and unvarnished candor in otherwise crazy times. Such a position is a sacred trust. It is increasingly patent to radical dissidents that Buchanan no longer fills the bill, with his schizoid attachment to Ronald Reagan (“the best friend Israel ever had” according to former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir), his qualified praise for the Pope and fondness for ridiculous kosher conservative jargon about “the Judeo-Christian tradition.”

For a time Sobran seemed an alternative to Buchanan; more the scholar and hard student of the ancient Fathers, less the habitué of the carnival booths of cable TV. But something was amiss. A patriotic traditional Catholic priest (Sobran is Catholic and famed for his ardor for the Constitution), protested a weird Sobran column in which Joe wondered if the British monarchist Samuel Johnson had indeed been correct in denouncing the “evil” American Revolution. Was this column a joke? If not, how to reconcile a supposed devotion to the Constitution with a back-handed endorsement of Johnson’s attack on the revolution that made the Constitution possible?

More ominously, during the vice-presidential candidacy of Sen. Joseph Lieberman, Mr. Sobran wrote a column defending Orthodox Judaism–suggesting that it was too good for the Democrat Party and the likes of Lieberman. He followed that lunacy with an extended endorsement of the theory that Abraham Lincoln was, to his dying day, a committed white supremacist. Actually, Lincoln was only playing a version of George W. Bush’s cynical “Southern strategy,” except that Lincoln’s target constituencies were Border State whites and Congressman David Wilmot’s Free Soil party. When I queried Joe about his Lincoln theory, he behaved like a British lord accosted by a churl and haughtily rebuffed my offer to send him documentation on Lincoln’s authentic racial praxis.

Now, in the midst of growing alarm over the disgraceful role of Supreme Court Justice Scalia in the establishment of a virtual yeshiva for American judges and lawyers, Mr. Sobran has issued a statement on Zionism and Judaism entitled “The Obsession” (Feb. 1, 2003). Much of this statement contains staples of revisionist insight. In this he resembles Mr. Buchanan, who makes some good points generally and then completely contradicts them in his particulars.

Sobran writes, “Anti-Semitism’ has become the chief of sins. No gentile is quite safe from the charge. The Gospels, Catholicism, and the papacy have been indicted; so have Chaucer, Shakespeare, Voltaire, Edmund Burke, Dickens, Henry James, Henry Adams, Dostoyevsky, Mark Twain, Hilaire Belloc, G.K. Chesterton, T.S. Eliot, Ezra Pound, Hemingway. …Then there are whole anti-Semitic nations, among them Russia, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Germany, France, and Spain, lately joined by most of the Arab nations…”

So far, so true. But now catch this mind-blowing bit of Sobranphrenia: “It may be said that all this amounts to a caricature of the Jews. In fact, I’ll say it myself. It’s really a self-caricature of the Jews, drawn by the prevalent part of the Jewish community. It reflects neither the older tradition of the Orthodox, which is rooted in the hard objectivity of Mosaic law rather than modern sentimental victimology…”

Say what? The tradition of Orthodox Judaics is possessed of a “hard objectivity” rooted in “Mosaic law”? How can a man of Sobran’s seeming astute observation and renowned erudition retail so Brobdingnagian a lie? The same lie that clouds the mind of Justice Scalia; the lie that was expanded and enhanced in the pontificate of the crypto-rabbi John Paul II and his principal theologian, Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger. I devoted an entire book to this problem (Judaism’s Strange Gods ) and Joe studiously ignored all three copies that were sent to him.

Thanks to the general ban against discussion of Judaism’s Strange Gods in any conservative, Christian or paleo-conservative publication, the lie has now advanced to such an extent that we are witnessing, incredibly enough, the forthcoming establishment of a Talmud school for America’s legal officers and magistrates endorsed by the supposed judicial leader of the Christian resistance, Justice Scalia.

Orthodox Judaism is rooted in the “traditions of the elders” (later codified as the Mishnah, comprising the first portion of the Talmud), and not the Mosaic law which these Judaic traditions nullify, as Jesus Christ repeatedly and emphatically stated to the Pharisees, who are the founders of rabbinic i.e. Orthodox Judaism. Rabbi Jacob Neusner and other prominent Jewish spokesmen are on record as acknowledging Judaism’s Pharisaic patrimony. Jesus declared to the Pharisees that they were guilty of failing to follow Moses: “For if you believed Moses, you would believe me, for he wrote about me. But if you will not believe his writings, how will you believe My words?” (John 5: 45-47). Could Jesus be wrong and Sobran right?

By accepting the Orthodox Judaic lie that they follow Moses, Sobran is contradicting Christ. Orthodox Judaism claims that the Israelites received two halachic transmissions from Moses, one written and public, the other oral and secret. Rabbi Shimon ben Yohai, one of Judaism’s most revered “sages,” ruled that this oral tradition was superior to the written Tanach (Old Testament). The oral tradition contains vicious calumny against Jesus. Moreover, the tradition of Orthodox Judaism is filled with fantastic martyr complexes that form the basis for the psychology of the contemporary Zionists who bedevil Sobran. Orthodox Judaism’s Talmud speaks of “billions” of Jewish victims of the Romans, for example. Orthodox Judaism’s Talmud says Jesus was a sorcerer; that Jesus was an idolater; that Jesus’ Blessed Mother was a prostitute who “played the harlot” with carpenters and soldiers.

Here is Sobran again, from his Feb. 1 column: “The Orthodox Jew, faithful to an ancient and rigorous tradition, commands respect.”

From whom? Not from Chaucer. Who was Chaucer accusing of ritual murder in “The Prioress Tale”? Atheists and Israeli Zionists? Hardly. Chaucer was accusing the followers of Judaism, all of whom were “Orthodox” in that era. Did the “Orthodox Jew command the respect” of Shakespeare, who accused one of their number of murderous usury? Who does Sobran imagine King Edward I of England and the Servant of God, Queen Isabella of Spain, expelled from their kingdoms, Sigmund Freud and Ariel Sharon?

I would like to believe that Joe was drunk or medicated when he disseminated this monumental fraud, not fully cognizant of the impact it would have on his young and impressionable fans, so desperate for intellectual and spiritual direction in these times. But alas, Sobran knows something substantive about the Talmud. In the May, 1999 issue of his newsletter, “Sobran’s” (p. 5), he indicted the Talmud for its “imprecations against Christ and Christians” and he blamed the Talmud for “the eradication of Christian culture.”

The only way one can salvage Mr. Sobran’s credibility is to suggest that he does not know that the “rigorous tradition” of the “Orthodox Jew,” which he praised on Feb. 1, 2003, is in fact based on the Talmud, which he condemned in May, 1999.

In reading the essays of Sobran and Buchanan, there are whole paragraphs to which I find myself bobbing my head in enthusiastic assent, only to be stopped dead in my tracks as I crash head-on into a single sentence filled with the most jaw-droppingly calamitous delusion this side of Bedlam. It is by means of the inhumation of this tiny dram of poison in an otherwise shrewd and seemingly intrepid piece of prose, that the Judaic toxin circulates with ever more virulence in the Conservative-Christian body-politic.

Joe’s bizarre instability underscores the Biblical observation that “the double-minded man is unstable in all his ways” (James 1:8). Sobran knows yet he doesn’t know; he is anointed of God yet he refuses to follow God completely, in all things, making compromises, as did King Saul, and like Saul, for that very reason he becomes a madman and an enemy of God.

The putative “Christian conservative” movement, even in its revisionist and traditionalist manifestation, is, to borrow a term from stage magic, misdirected, and this misdirection results in the continuing bondage of our people to an Orthodox Judaic ideology which seeks “the eradication of Christian culture.”

We desperately need the whole truth in order to contend, as did our forefathers, competently and effectively for our ancient rights against the hellish traditions of Orthodox Judaism which Scalia, Buchanan and Sobran espouse and champion.

It is time to seek guidance from those who see clearly, and who speak and write with commensurate and consistent clarity, however “marginal” they may be. It is time to turn off, rather than wring our hands over, the tragic, self-debased celebrities who are presented to us as visionaries and prophets by an exhausted Conservative movement, but who are in fact part of the very machine steamrolling Christians into madness, defeat and oblivion.

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    1. New America Says:

      We can expect more of this in the times to come.

      The Jew realizes that from here forward, he has no choice; he must push RUTHLESSLY to control all of the subhumans, on ALL fronts, by ALL means, all delivered with TOTAL RUTHLESSNESS.

      Their preferred technique is subversion from within, in the Deep War, the Cultural War, where they control the very picture you see, and the very words you CAN use.

      That we are beginning to make serious points is seen in the FACT that American Renaissance’s Jared Taylor ADMITS to a letter from Jews where they make “suggestions” as to his future speakers, deliberately omitting Dr. David Duke. I will wager ANY amount of money that Duke – and, for that matter, ANY who dare allow White People rights, will NEVER speak at an AmRen confrence – ever.

      Buchanan has made his peace with the Cultural Destroyer. He KNOWS the Truth, but the most casual look at how quickly Hebrew Lightning struck Sam Francis and Joe Sobran – totally destroying Francis, pretty much overnight – is trhe sort of object lesson that remains in the memory for a long time.

      So, Sobran, I think, is reaching some sort of acommodation, for some reason that can only be related to recent initiatives by the Pope to “make nice” with the Children of Satan.

      I have long admired Ratzinger’s depth of knowledge, and worldy wisdom, and can only hope, pretty much against hope, that he is playing a Deeper Game than the Children of Satan, and Sobran’s latest initiatives, however halting and limited, are Sobran’s volunteering his efforts in support of this very discrett Papal initative.

      There is a deeper lesson in this, of course:

      We must undertake the responsibility, on behalf of our RACE, the Creative Builder RACE, to develop new analytical models, and, eventually, the Culture that we DESERVE, and allowed the Children of Satan and their tools, the (self-proclaimed) “Greatest Generation,” to pervert, and destroy.

      New America!

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    2. roger Says:

      Joe Sobran has been very critical of Jews, Israel , jew-wannabees (like G.W. Bush) for a long time. His excellent article “For the Fear of Jews” is an outstanding essay about what jews will do. Even though Reagan had ties to Jews and Israel, I think the comic strip provided by R. Crumb on jews states it pretty clearly that Presidents have been controlled by the jews for a long time. Nixon and Ford had Big Jew Kissinger (whom the jew media loved and made gentiles believe he should replace Nixon and/or Ford as president…. but could not because he was NOT a natural-born US citizen).

      However, Joe Sobran is not without human faults and unlike jews, he does fess-up to his errors. For example at one time, he defended Nigger Barry Bonds steriod use when compared to whiteman Babe Ruth. He did later in another essay state that some readers had pointed out the error of his analyses and Sobran admitted his error. Ruth did his magnificient feats while taking substances that Impaired his performance on the field.

      So I would not be so critical on Joe Sobran who now suffers from health problems. He is an independent and does not publish his material with jew-controlled publishers nor is he part of any jew controlled media group.

    3. Nadir Martello Says:

      Dear Michael,
      I read your writing, “The Strange Case Of Joe Sobran,” with interest and gusto. I liked it very much. Keep up the good work.

      Best wishes,
      Nadir Martello

    4. Mark Says:

      I enjoyed every word Mr. Hoffman and found it to be the truth.

      Perhaps Sobran is trying to be fair and generous, as is so often the case with our people, even to a fault. However, I look at it this way, the pendulum is so far to the Left, Jewish, anti-white side, we need an extreme counterbalance. We need people more like Mr. Hoffman who are relentless with seeking the truth and supporting white people, not those who feel guilty or constantly trying to be neutral and accomodating.

    5. SHMUELY Says:

      Michael Hoffman II, who is an excellent writer and researcher, is a walking paradox at times himself. At one time he was a revisionist historian at the IHR, writing THE GREAT HOLOCAUST TRIAL, and he later wrote the racially cognizant book, THEY WERE WHITE AND THEY WERE SLAVES. Lately, he has delved into Talmudic scholarship, and is very, very knowledgable on the subject. However, in his book, JUDAISM`S STRANGE GODS, he makes the rather strange and false statement on page 110: “Today the heirs of the Pharisees are discerned not by racial or ethnic criteria but by a supremacist ideology. Judaism is a cabal of thought, not a cabal of race”. Say what, Michael?? This borders on race denial!
      We all have our foibles, obviously, but Michael, in his current research into the esoteric and the supernatural, seems to wobble towards some tenuous conclusions at times, too. Overall, both Hoffman and Sobran are still worth reading, in my humble opinion.

    6. Stronza Says:

      Well, then, maybe somebody should send Hoffman’s essay to poor old Joe. And a copy to Bill Buckley, too, now dying of emphysema.

    7. Guy Fawkes Says:

      Hoffman’s a goofy bastard. He’s written some good stuff but he sees “cryptocracy” behind everything. Now, let’s be honest, Sobran names the Jew plain and simple, even if it’s not in the precise forms that Hoffman would approve.

      Plus, screw the “‘Merikwan” revolution. Despots at home vs despot abroad. Most “modern” bullshit leading up to the extinction of our race has deep roots in Enlightenment liberalism, the jibberish that spawned the war of independence.

    8. Boobus Americanus Says:

      Mr. Hoffman is a brilliant writer; and he should have his say. But even if Sobran is guilty as charged it will do nothing to change what he has already written concerning jews. Maybe they got to Sobran, who knows? Maybe they will one day get to Hoffman too. Stranger things have happened. Does anyone doubt it’s possible. For this reason I say DOWNLOAD NOW! Get all of the articles that you find inspiring and get em on disc; form small AA-type groups that are courteous, intelligent and well-run. If that day comes. Because we are already ghettoized on the www. But, as far as sites like this go, lots of people are surfing and passing through and some are staying longer and longer with each visit. Even if they will never join and take to the streets; it is creating an atmosphere that will continue to grow and be very noticable indeed within the next five years; even if whites still dont take to the streets by that time; which they probably wont.
      But there is something else; for some time people have been talking about this, but, it’s worth repeating. The whole “let’s dump millions of non-whites on the whites and just flush em out so that we can feel more comfortable and REALLY rule the roost” is completely backfiring on them. In short, the Chicken and not the Jew will rule, because it is most definitely coming home to roost.
      There are two things about the whole non-white immigration thing. 1- they are only going to continue to ask for more. 2- they don’t like the Jews any more than the next goyim. So when Jews can’t come through with number 1- said Non-whites are going to let them know just how true number 2 is.
      I can only hope I’ll be around to see it.

    9. Jaroslav Hus Says:

      Dear sirs, I read your long mantras about Sobran.
      Anybody who is judeo-christian believer is not quite reliable but there is big spread. Sobran same sa clinical Psychologist Juraj Djurdjevic, fanatical judeo-christian, produced one sentence definitions which make all our long diatrives nonsense.
      Here are: Sobran: “It is not cause of Jews, it is cause of spineless Gentiles.” How true from devoted roman catholic.
      Jurjevic: “Amnerican people are severily sick of endemical disease known as FOJ – Fear of Jews.” How true from deoted Baptish who is not even MD of epidemiology.
      There are aoso thoughts from two thinkers who are not judeo-christians, may be it can help you too. Think avbout it and do not waste precious time in mantr at nauseam.

      by Dragan G. Glavasic:
      While other religions, “cultures”, and races are taught to hate us, take advantage of us and/or kill us any time they get a chance. At the same time, we are persistently brainwashed to be pacifist, tolerant, compassionate, kind and forgiving to everyone: even our worst enemies! And that makes all the difference thus will ultimately result in our destruction: because our political, spiritual and economic leaders are corrupt, immoral, low-life scum that secretly collaborate with our worst foes thus insidiously work against our real interests. WAKE UP! Christianity was a big mistake and sin and an insidious ploy to perfidiously tie our hands and render us helpless as the ideal victims for other races and religions.

      By Tsun
      In a world where there were no christians… There would be no jews…
      It is only on the authority of the christian bible that jews
      maintain the myth of being “yahweh’s chosen people”.
      If it were not for their christian protectors the non-christian
      peoples of the earth would make short work of the jews.
      Or maybe just laugh them to death.
      Catch 22 You can’t keep christianity and get rid of the jews.