22 July, 2006

Released: Truth is No Defense #24

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Science & Stigma, Epithets & Genetics 

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  7. 6 Responses to “Released: Truth is No Defense #24”

    1. sr Says:

      Short but sweet.

    2. New America Says:

      The interesection between genetics and human culture – and, eventually, Civilization – is more powerful than we dare imagine. That WE ARE THE GOOD GUYS in this tremendous drama is all the more reason to acknowledge, cherish, and enhance the exclusivity that turns the seeds of Culture into the fruit of Civilization.

      We can look into more readable analyses of issues around these topics – Juditch Rich Harris’s “The Nurture Assumption” and, her latest and best, “No Two Alike,” to great value. We can also look at much more complex analyses, such as Jabonkla and Lamb’s “Evolution in Four Dimensions.” The four dimemnsion are genetic, epigenetic (non-DNA cellular transmission of traits), behavioral and symbolic.

      Alternatively, these discuss how means are used to achieve ends; as to the greater ends to be achieved, I still refer to Yockey’s moving opening chapter of “Imperium.” Entitled “Perspective,” the chapter begins with a Perspective of events in the astral cosmos, a region illuminated by the soul, looking down upon Earth, in general, and Europe, in particular.

      Yockey noted: “On this tiny pendant of the great land-mass of the earth-ball, the greatest intensity of movement exists. Once can see – for out here the soul and its emanations are visible – a concentration of ideas, energy, ambition, purpose, expansiveness, will-to-form….the presence of a purely spiritual organism. A close look reveals that the light stream is not flowing from the surface of Europe UPWARD into the night sky, but DOWNWARD from the hitherto invisible organism. This is a discovery of profound and revolutionary importance…”

      This “discovery” is also a clarion call to our former estate, and our duty to the cultural moment, a cultural moment that extends back countless millenia, and forward into a future of unimaginale greatness – ALL of which is conditioned upon our responsibility to accept the inheritance of our ancestors, and, as they did for us, transform it into the foundation of a better world, for our posterity.

      The Traditional Aristocracy – seen togther in common cause at the end of “Camp of the Saints,” for example – always have more in common with each other than they do with the other inhabitants of the country they inhabit. The Brahmini of India have more in common with the German Junkers than they do with all but the very best of the citizens of Mumbai.

      This goes hand in hands with Linder’s great analysis of what went wrong; literally, EVERYTHING in the external, Jew-controlled Propasphere, acts to define us down, into servitude for the Jew, the Asiatic Hive Mind.

      For example, can you imagine Jefferson watching Fox News for more than a minute? Or MTV?

      No, of course not.

      He was fully aware of his heritage as a mmber of the Creative BUilder RACE, which look to the Infinite Plain with a sense of challenge, and the spirit of conquest.

      We should all follow his excellent example.

      Along these lines, I had some young relatives visitng recently; just out of high school, they were lecturing me on “all of these racist books you read.” They were referring to Yockey, Devi, Simpson, Madison Grant – you get the idea.

      I responded by pointing out that they did not read books at all, and trusted the televsion far too much.

      The charge of “racist” was a bit much; it was a term they did not understand, and proved their ignorance.

      The one wants to be a preacher, and quotes the Bible quite often; I said, “Then, by their fruits, ye shall know them?”

      They smiled, and said, “Yes. That’s true.”

      “Fine. Let’s go for a ride. I’ll buy you lunch somewhere.” Food is a greatc motivator.

      I drove to the city, and stopped the car in the middle of the black section.

      “Look, guys! Fifty years ago, and I have the picitures at the library to prove it, this was beautiful; all of the homes kept up, nice new cars, women wearing nice dresses, men wearing suits and ties. See anything different?”

      They were becoming increasingly nervous…

      “Why are you getting nervous? (I was getting nervous!) Aren’t these locals your equals? It’s just skin color, isn’t it?”

      As the only white people there not trying to buy drugs, we stood out, and locals were paying us much more attention. I turned on the car, and as we pulled out, told them:

      “If you came here at night, you would be dead men. That’s what these damn niggers REALLY think of you; it is the anger of a resentment so profound, and so strong, that they will destroy what we built, just because it reminds them of what is far beyond them. They blame you, and they hate you. Young men, THIS is what I mean when I mention RACE. Never forget your heritage, never forgt how hard your ancestors worked to CREATE the greatness of your heritage, and remember, someone is always working to steal it from you.”

      Next week they will come to visit, and we shall have another topic.

      The Jews.

      New America!

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    3. Edgar J. Steele Fan Says:

      Is NEW AMERICA Edgar J. Steele?

    4. New America Says:


      He, too, is a fan of Steele.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    5. The Color Of Shit Says:

      I have one off-topic comment to make:
      I would like to post comments on the message board, but I can’t without providing an email address.
      Now, that is more difficult than you think.
      There is, to my knowledge, not one single email provider left where you can get an email address without having your “cookies” turned on.
      I always keep my cookies turned off, and if a site doesn’t let me in without accepting them, then I don’t go in.
      I try to remain anonymous on the net, and this would compromise my anonymity. How can we fix this?
      I don’t know

    6. silverstein wtc7 Says:

      great show, geoff!
      that was a very original, and totally logical, bit of intellectual reasoning on the positive uses of stigma.
      we are lucky to have your brains here.